5 Android games new and fun (19)

Join dozens of games to the store of Google Play every day, but few of them what features experience enjoyable, here’s 5 new games fun have emerged over the past week:

“5 Android apps-new fun (19)
“5 Android games new and fun (18)

The game Metal sound that was available on the PlayStation 1, now available on the Android platform, you’ll find all the familiar characters and you can face the rebels, aliens, mummies, starts from the challenge to time with new weapons.

Puzzle Bobble inflamed which you must guess a way to move it to connect the stages together, without that you think you snowball that move a step for every step you take.

Newest games Battlefield Android, you can fight a single combat against another player or two with players against players, the game is not a side strategy, of course, where the players collect cards that enable them to summon characters with special abilities to the battlefield.

Car racing game, try owning a large fleet of cars suitable to run in the race, you can integrate the parts of the car together to get models more powerful and capable competition and increase financial income, there are over 30 unique vehicle trying to open it by achieving achievements.

Game the exchange of Fire multi-player, gravity works differently, classes may order of things, the characters funny, all these elements are entertaining and increase the fun of the game, there is also a special pattern for before the face of players from around the world.

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