5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week

Offering apps and games new Android at play every day and the other, here’s the best 5 for this week:

1) Overdrop – Animated Weather & Widgets

Although still in the trial period but it of the best application that allows you to add hands of the weather network home thanks to the design of his elegant.

Google Play

2) Dolphin Emulator

It is applied to simulate the games for the Nintendo Wii and the value cube on your phone, meaning that his role is limited to running games that Save to a file ISO to play it.

Google Play

3) PUBG Mobile Lite

It is a light version of the game PUBG competition game free, where a similar game in almost every detail except the part “construction”, which differ by the forest, it was the light version of the phones available and some of the phones low, but still in the trial period are not available in many countries.

Google Play

4) Khan Academy Kids

Educational application for children, by the same developer company to develop the Khan Academy is dedicated to educate adults in the areas of Science and math which won Google Play’s best social media platform positive about 2018. The application of the new children gives them the basics of numbers and the English language.

Google Play

5) Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes

Adventure game where you are on the ship the bad guys space and to save the mayor of the aliens and weapons of mass destruction, the game features a language funny and entertaining fee and colourful, but they are available for 5$ and a system of virtual reality Daydreem from Google to run them.

Google Play

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