5 Android apps new This Week “3”

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5 تطبيقات أندرويد جديدة تُجربها هذا الأسبوع “3”5 Android apps new This Week “3”

Generally we start with you this article the periodical which will be present in weekly.

For that we use a bunch of the best new apps on shop Google Play, which of course can trade.

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The first application can be defined as the application of educational storytelling aims to promote reading and writing for children (from age 7 to 11 years).

Is structured the app about Marvel characters famous, to be important to the child’s narrative story by choosing a set of words.

With his support create the story of a superhero of their own in order to develop and improve their vocabulary.

Like many of the educational apps, you will conduct the majority of the content like the game so that it can be development between the characters through their surroundings to get to the main points that lets you jump to words games.

In each game choose mainly among three words for compilation logical order with the phrase displayed at the top of the screen.

Then once the round ends, the child or player to demonstrate his understanding of the meaning of words by dragging them and drop them to their synonyms.

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Enter this app the same field of the previous app, not as his, where he comes in a way you know exactly coincide with our understanding of the current science of how the work of memory,

In detail, the construction of application of Fluent Forever on the way to Learning Trust, which developed the “Gabriel Live”, which was the need to learn multiple languages quickly and keep them forever.

Also will not waste time in learning by making you instantly apply and the sounds of your target language correctly, and then efficiently learn the most used words and drive them to your memory.

Finally you can build sentences, naturally using words that you know and exercise your speech is fluent, in short, with this app, if you are serious about speaking in the new language, the you’ll get there faster.

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With this app you will be able to re-graphics or logos to life and use them to add a little flair to photos and Videos, by adopting the augmented reality “AR”.

The concept of this app, the app concept and the other Just a Line with Google, but instead of scribbling on the screen, you can spend some time to create graphics more detailed on paper and apply many modifications and animation on them.

And also you can repeat the same process with many of the graphics that you want, and even use the situation of women developed to improve the graphics

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تطبيق اللانشر الجديد Shade يَمدُّكَ بمزايا إضافية مفيدةShade

Is this the app latest applications line the store Google Play, which is by the way of the development of the same developer of the other application and rich from the definition Rootless Launcher.

With respect to this car, it has only the features that matter to any user, without the accumulation of Water originally present in the default interface, and you can move on to review the app in the bottom for all of them.

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The last application in this article Weekly, which is similar to the former, is an application that allows you to customize your smartphone.

This customization will be with the minimum of basic functions which are aimed at helping the user to reduce the distractions caused by the device.

As this allows you to line create the main screen offering a list of text contain the most important 8 applications to the user .

With the possibility of quick access to all applications installed on the device through a scrolling list that displays most recent used applications.

With an option to search for apps, as well as a tool to filter notifications, which allow to silence the notifications at least as important.

And you don’t even you activate Notifications or vibrate or produce noise, while still easy access, while important notices will continue to operate normally.

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