5 Android apps-new fun (9)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play during the week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here we’ll talk about 5 apps emerged from the door over the past week.

“6 Android apps new fun (8)
5 Android games new fun (9)

Mint Browser – Lite, Fast Web, Safe, AdFree

Web browser of the development of Shaw, focuses on confidentiality, privacy and security. Comes to the size of a 10 meg MB only, the controls are always close to the user’s hand, includes Incognito and other special reading.

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Glose – Social ebook Reader

If you are a fan of English literature then this app embodies the platform of the means of social networking may benefit you; it has a lot of audio books, also allows space for interaction between friends and the owners tastes similar.

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Apex Weather

Application News new weather is expected to become of the best options for free at Google Play, especially if you’re a user of one apex, while it did not pass on the launch only days seems ready to design an attractive and traditional.

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Memoria – Photo Gallery

After deleting the app QuickPic from Google Play, you probably are now looking for a photo gallery alternative; worth Memoria filtration thanks to a simple and elegant interface with dozens of options to customize the experience, adding features as powerful as the set Protection make the sound in the case of encryption, the order of the pictures in groups. Currently there is a discount of 70% vs. paid version free of ads; the price of 1$.

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The app focuses on improving the experience of study, but to benefit to the fullest you must invite the classmates to him, then it can be used as a social network the most important of its advantages is the possibility to create study cards summarize the most important information of the article (such as dates of events in history), and then share them with friends, as well as the preparation of the rapid tests evaluated by your level and the amount of your recovery. Also possible that the application embodiment for a web site can be accessed from desktop computers.

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