5 Android apps-new fun (5)

Join every day dozens of apps to the store Google Play, but few of them offers a useful feature, so we offer you: the 5 best new apps appeared in the last two weeks:

easyUp – Async video standups for teams

Facilitate communication between classmates and groups regardless of their geographical location, focuses on communication by video the videos short a time. The app is still in the experimental stage and is available free and does not contain ads.

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Meme stickers for WhatsApp

With the support of WhatsApp to add the posters are expected to show dozens of apps posters in Google Play, but rarely refer to it unless you provide a very special set of posters, which is what this application offers, which collects the best memes from movies and the internet.

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Reachability Cursor: one-handed mode mouse pointer

Easy to use phone with one hand, where you can control the pointer and interact with the application by the Department.

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Scripts: learn how to write and read alphabet

Teach you the basics of writing letters of the alphabet in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, is characterized by the visible, which facilitates learning to write, you link letters in a manner of pronunciation, and evaluating the learning sessions so that they do not give up 5 minutes.

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Call of Duty Companion App

Is associating this application with your account in-game Call of Duty converts your performance from the way the move and fight to give you tips to improve your skills, there is also a special section with News and teach you to time the presence of your friends online.

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