5 Android apps-new fun (19)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play during the week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here’s the best of what has emerged during the past week:

“5 Android apps-new fun (18)
“5 Android games new and fun (18)

Application to manage the transfers, is characterized by freedom of the suspicious ads in most apps that offer the same function, which is totally free.

Social network to share data, voice and broadcast voice, you can register account Facebook or Twitter and discover friends who use the app.

Application of Samsung specialized measuring dimensions of elements of physical reality, and because it requires accurate measurement of the depth images, it currently will only work with the Galaxy S10 5G that comes with a camera ToF high resolution led by the depth of the scene.

The app comes with the idea of strange, it is a facade for the fictional characters, and you can identify each character by browsing through her phone, the texts, photos, videos, voice recordings, and includes various types of stories and experiences.

Camera app is comprehensive, you’ll find modes for manual filter change and the possibility of filming the GIF and panorama mode and even scan QR codes, but it requires a monthly subscription compared to 1.25$ or every 6 months for 2.5$ or per year compared to 3.99$.

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