5 Android apps-new fun (18)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play during the week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here’s the best of what has emerged during the past week:

“5 Android apps-new fun (17)
“5 Android games new and fun (17)

Feature do not disturb is very important to control the use of your phone, where it can prevent the emergence of calls and notices, but it may not be easy because the settings are buried within the system, which seeks the application to solve it which offers intuitive interface and easy Settings feature, do not disturb, but it requires the Android System 9 at least.

The application encrypts storage space of the phone to retain sensitive information such as identity card number and passport, if you want to access this information from any internet-connected device you can that through the cloud service provided by the application.

The application helps to improve sleep quality by following 4 scientific methods, and helps you build the habits of good and customize experience, you don’t like the app recommendations, you can search within the guidelines of many for a comfortable sleep.

New application for editing images, features with formal elements of attractive animated using a variety of tools and features enable you to modify the accuracy of the final image.

The application of a simple reminder, you can set times for the reminder of the most important observations of the city, the app displays it on the right and the rest of the tasks on the left.

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