5 Android apps-new fun (16)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play during the week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here’s the best in the last week:

“5 Android games new and fun (15)

“6 Android apps new fun (15)

Firefox Send

It is a application Firefox your service to send the content encrypted, you can through the app which is still in the experimental stage to raise any of the content size of 2.5 gigabytes for free, and protect it with a secret code, so that when his participation is not available to access it only after entering the code, and you can also specify the number of conversions permitted or the number of days that traded content; after the yard number of downloads or time, it becomes the link is not valid for.

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Daywise: Schedule notifications

If the app notifications common, but don’t want to block them completely, with this app you can select professional applications that are allowed to send notifications at any time, and set a date certain for the arrival of notices from the rest of the applications at once.

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Squad: Social screen sharing

Social platform to watch the screen, so you can view what you do on the screen of your phone to others, you can also make video calls with them.

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(Hidey Hole (for Galaxy S10 serie

It is an application aimed at users of phones Galaxy S10, providing a range of wallpapers with different front camera.

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Dota Pro Circuit

It is the official application of the targeting fans of the game Dota, includes information about the latest events and matches, players, and tournament results, and includes the challenge of fantasy where you choose a team of players to be points depending on their performance, predicted results versus the points. But unfortunately there is no broadcast for tournaments currently.

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