5 Android apps new experience this week

5 تطبيقات أندرويد جديدة تُجربها هذا الأسبوع

Always in our wheelhouse everything is important and useful to you in the world of apps, we are continuing to offer you the best, whether it’s about news related to the application of new news or updates in applications, generally we start with you in this new cemetery which will be present on a weekly basis, for that we use a bunch of the best new applications on the Google Play Store, which of course can trade, and do not linger more start first application:

Firefox ScreenshotGo:


A new application from Mozilla, which is a application to manage the screen shots of the “sugar two shot”, where when you open it for the first time, you will be prompted to grant access to storage for your phone, then you can use it as such, by capturing screen shots as you normally do on your phone, then open the app regulation and research, or you can enable the GO button, a blue button floating that takes screen shots immediately, and there is also a notice should be every time you capture a screen shot, and asks you to sort them in the array, As the app uses optical character recognition “OCR”, which means his support to search for text within images, which offers the possibility of quick access to any image you want.

Application ScreenshotGo from Mozilla to manage screen shots on Android

TOR Browser:

إطلاق الإصدار الأوّل والمستقر من متصفّح Tor على أندرويد

Browsers rich from the definition, particularly for users who care about their privacy and the security of their data, where it was launched last week as a fixed and formal, and after that the user had need for many of the conditions and some of the other applications in order to use it, but now, there is no need for anything ill download it from the Play Store and start browsing the web securely and anonymously, where there is a browser mechanism to steer traffic to your web through the Tor network, a network of computers, encoded in all over the world, thus this will save your privacy, Also circumvent geographical restrictions on websites and content through Tor.

The launch of the first version and stable of Tor browser on Android

Premiere Rush:

أخيرًا تطبيق Premiere Rush من أدوبي متاح الآن على أندرويد

After that has been made available on computers and iOS system last year, here’s Adobe launches its application that the store Google Play, with regard to the definition of the application, it brings the editor of this video between the elements of the Premiere Pro and Audition and After Effects, which provides one of the best ways to improve the draft of your video, there is another way to provide him with video cameras other, so run through it on all your devices, whether you want to do all the edits on your phone or your computer or move easily between the two.

It will also support the application the possibility to open projects created in Premiere Rush in Premiere Pro, this means that you can start a project on mobile phone easily moving to Premiere Pro on your computer for more advanced modifications later.

Finally the application of Premiere’s Rush from Adobe is now available on Android

Browser Fenix:


In the past week, was the launch of the browser Fenix “alternative to Firefox on Android” as the first trial version is limited to store Google Play, and currently works the browser is very stable, but this does not mean constancy of its features and tools, generally this comes browser the sky is dark, there is support for the toolbar at the bottom to have access to his tools with one hand, as well as tend his thanks to the experience of smooth scrolling, also when you click on the button adapter tabs, the user will be taken to a screen overview the start page compact and the tab where you can save browsing sessions in groups, and more.

Launch browser Fenix new of Mozilla as a limited trial version

MIUI-ify – Notification Shade:

Whenever you have become our smart phones larger, the greater the access to the upper part of the screen harder, and this thing can make it difficult to interact with the notification drawer traditional in Android, fortunately, has one of the developers to create an application that can transfer this information to the bottom of the screen, the so-called MIUI-ify – Notification Shade, yet you can’t just move the notifications bar to the bottom of your screen, but you can also choose boxes Quick Settings your in addition to set your fabric, finally the app is available by free to support ads, get rid of them you have to buy the full version, More worthy to note that there are also some internal procurement application.

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