5 advanced features provided by the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 new for Android users

Revealed Qualcomm Qualcomm of America, the specialized and the first globally in the production and design of processors for smartphones, its new Snapdragon Snapdragon 855, which will add a task for 2019 smart, as it confirms the specialists, being faster and more efficient processor 845.

And therefore, what new possibilities implied by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855’s?!

First, download speeds will be much faster

In 2019, you’ll hear a lot about the fifth-generation networks Telecom 5G, you will Qualcomm’s revolutionary fifth-generation modem, X50.

Submit handler 855 significant improvements in speed, thanks to modem 2Gb/s LTE built-out, which will be the speed of transfer of data to 14 Gbit/s, i.e. 5 times the current speed of 3 Gbit/sec.

Secondly, you consume much less space

In the meantime, use your library voice a lot of storage space, but the processor Snapdragon 855 will be taking important steps to change that, just as Apple did Apple in iOS 11.

Sigma processor 855 of the support of the JPEG format to HEIF (image file format for high efficiency), means that the audio will consume half the current size almost without change in its accuracy and quality, supports the new version of the Android system, the Android Pie, the Coordination of the new HEIF, so you have plenty of space on our phones.

Third, a new level of video games

Thanks to the video processing unit GPU 640, Qualcomm therapist 855 will achieve a 30% increase in performance compared to previous processor, as well as his abilities in games HDR, you will feel the user vary significantly in image quality and GPU.

Fourth, I will use a picture to unlock safe.

The year was 2018 years in the field of artificial intelligence AI, you will pay the digital signal processor Hexagon 690 in Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 it even further, the company will be tourism able to deal with expressions of diversity, such as the Okay google, quickly and safely, will use sound to open and close the phone safely.

V.. improvements of ultra-photos and video

Adds Qualcomm processor 855 a set of improvements to audio and video to the cameras of your smartphone, camera will be able to cope with the depth sensor 60 Hz, enabling video capture in 4K HDR in Portrait Mode Portrait Mode.

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