[453] tests iPhone Islam for seven useful apps

Agree with you and weekly submission of our choices, and our offerings to the best application, according to tests my engine iPhone Islam. So that represents a complete guide saves you time and effort in searching among the piles more than 1,829,681 application!

Tests iPhone style for this week:

1. application Dasta

This application watching the coming and going. in fact the account, and it tells you at any time one of your friends uses WhatsApp and at any time stop, but even it does not delete from the software store says it’s used to monitor your accounts you are, in any case try out the app and tell us if it works with you well or not.

Dasta – tracker for Whatsapp



Andrei Frolov

Size 47.5 MB
Version 1.0.4

2. application of iScape

Since you have the iPhone, surely you have a garden in front of your palace, this app will serve you very to do the Coordination for your garden, it uses augmented reality to make you’re decorating your garden and change the look of the weeds and plants and all the changes in the augmented reality live in front of you like a real. Maybe ask yourself if you have the palace and a number of Service, Why make sure iPhone Islam yet? This is because you have too much free time 😂 without iPhone Islam What You know that there is application of augmented reality forget you park.




iScape Holdings Inc.

Size 189.9 MB
Version 4.4.3

The app is definitely not available to owners of Android

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