4000 is nothing. Bitcoin will definitely grow to 400 thousand dollars

Many analysts believe that the bearish trend has come to an end, and then we will see only the growth of the stock market. Last year, Bitcoin became one of the most unprofitable assets, however, by the beginning of 2020 cryptocurrency will still be able to bring investors at least some profit.

We will remind, earlier venture investor Tim Draper has publicly statedthat the price of BTC will rise to 250 thousand dollars by the beginning of 2023. But the trader Wolf of Qtrade.io is not as optimistic forecast in his opinion, most digital assets will depreciate in the long run.

The moon is not far off

Tonight, Bitcoin is trading at $ 4033. In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency rose only 0.5 percent and still remains above $ 4,000. It continues from Saturday, nearly a week.

Yesterday the trader Josh of reyger explained that the lack of pressure from buyers most likely will lead to a new drain Bitcoin up to $ 3,500. Analyst Think Markets U. K. Naeem Aslam believes that the future major crypto currencies in the next few months testing of the line $ 4,000.

However, according to Aslam, in the long term, this level plays virtually no role.

I personally believe that Bitcoin can really grow to 400 thousand dollars, if history tends to repeat itself. This figure is not just a random guess, but a simple mathematical calculation, based on the continuation of the previous uptrend.

Trader Ryan Selkis believes that cryptocurrency has already found its bottom. Now is the best time to buy a Bitcoin if you expect high profits in the long run. In other words, the ratio of potential reward to risk maximum.

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