400 of the Googlers to sign a petition against the application of the Chinese search

400 من موظفي قوقل يوقعون عريضة ضد تطبيق البحث الصيني

Since the beginning of the work the Google on the Chinese search engine did not create the steps to follow in building it and its revisions to official on this matter of the recognition and rejection of the idea of the whole whether from within the company and its staff or of the institutions and gatherings of Jurists due to the fact that the engine is labeled Dragonfly will be under the full oversight of government agencies in China and identifies the uses and users of the aspects of the sea there.

And that more than 400 employees at the company Google has yesterday signed a petition to cancel the company’s work on the Dragonfly, which is considered in the process of building now, where the majority of the signatories to the document of software engineers, which means that they are aware of the gravity well of the issuance of a search engine that techniques to control and hand the government what it also increases the concern of human rights organizations about violations of human rights against users.

In contrast to the criticism of the staff themselves for you to the Chinese the vice-president last month, Mike Pence condemned the work of Google to like this app, while you can outline the criticisms of the interior in the company to trade clear of the executives according to staff, the naysayers ran fly.

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