4 ways to search in Facebook without account

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Is platform facebook, the largest social network in the world thanks to the user base monthly activity in excess of 2.2 million, this also makes the product largest search engine about the people on the planet with the ability to search for people, pages, posts, groups, events and even pictures.

You can’t search Facebook for people by their names, but also by their email addresses, phone numbers, and also vary the search results and profile information that you see depending on your privacy settings of individual users.

While the search feature more powerful when you log in to the product, there may be times you want to perform a quick search without logging in, where you can have a quick check of the background of someone planning to employ or control of a public page, where there are times when the hassles of logging in to the home to check on something not worth it.

How to search in Facebook without account

Google search

Google is king of search engines but also suitable if you know some of the requests advanced search, you can search in Google for specific file types, and URLs, but Search in a specific location for something specific.

When you allow search engines to index your profile on Facebook, which means that it should not continue to Google a problem to find a file, you can then find the thing you are looking for, for example, if you want to search for pages retrieved in Facebook via Google you can type the following: site:facebook.com Aitnews

You can also perform the same search process by using the email IDs and phone numbers.

Guide to facebook

While Google search is concerned and works on both people and pages, they understand their database better than Facebook, enter guide Facebook, you may be asked to verify that you are a normal person and not a robot.

You can tell the area to search for people, pages or places, you only need to select the relevant tab and enter the query, and the house with the search results.

Facebook People Search

Facebook People Search not only know the profile of the person searched for, but will also other relevant information such as employer, city, school, workplace, and any other data available for viewing to help you access the profile that you are looking for.

This makes searching for people very effective which gives you the ability to improve your search queries, like Google, you will see 10 results just in one page.

Search engines social

With the advent of social media came a new breed of search engines, called search engines, social media, the goal is to collect publicly available data from a number of social networking sites, and view them strictly to review the researcher.

We will talk about Social Searcher, which allows you to search not only for people but also for conversations using hashtags, and search developed, would undermine the Social Searcher also results from sites other social media, it can be a great source if you want to search for information without wanting to log into Facebook.

4 ways to search in Facebook without account

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