4 things you should know before buying a laptop new

Before buying the new iPads there are some things that you should know, so you can get a device that fits your needs are different, below we highlight some of the important things that you need to know well before choosing the new iPads.

Operating system

The operating system which works on you device different in accordance with Organization for your laptop, each system has its advantages, a system running Windows is months the most used in the world, this means that it is compatible with various software, it is suitable for games.

The devices MacBooks work with a special operating system at Apple, which is easier than “Windows”, it is also suitable for professionals and programmers, there are also devices come with the operating system “Chromebook” from Google, which come at low prices.

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The processor or CPU of the most important components of any laptop you want to buy, then at least you need a processor four cores to ensure that the device works fast, and Intel there is an option of i3, i5and i7, but you don’t have to choose i7 only if you are user of strong.

The number of”RAM”

RAM is the memory that is to store anything on the device, the number of the radar of larger means that your device can do several tasks at one time better, the less thing you should get is 4 GB “RAM”.

The screen

The size of the screen depends on the usage, and measurements months are 11 and 13 inches, but if you use the device to work, you have to choose between measurements as large as 15 and 17 inch, as you have to choose the precision of Full HD.

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