4 steps to help you improve the security of add-ons Chrome

Pointed out a survey conducted by the firm Duo Labs cyber security – with the help of new web service they developed called CRXcavator – third (add-ons Chrome) the Chrome extensions require users to get permission to access all their data on any web site.

As it turns out, from the same survey that 85% of the 120 thousand to add to the Chrome browser listed in the Chrome Web Store do not contain privacy policies, which means that there is no level of a legally binding describes how the commitment of the developers of the plugins processing of user data, as the proportion of 77% of the plugins didn’t realize the site states, and 32% used JavaScript libraries from third parties contain known security vulnerabilities, and 9% have access to the cookies and read them.

We spend a lot of time talking about security Settings System Android, so Google has done in the version of (Android 10) adding new features to determine how and when to use various applications to access your geographical location, while the desktop version of the browser (Chrome) and Chrome supports some of the Security options is important, but it is unknown for many users.

In fact; needs Chrome browser on setup don’t know a lot of people is somewhat similar to the new feature development in the geographical location in the Android system, but it is linked with all the extras Chrome that you have installed and how to access to your browsing data, allowing you to specify the time that must be in addition able to discover what you do on the web, and inform you the amount of data to browse the web to which add-ons Chrome is different, with the possibility of switching on this can plugins access it.

The following are 4 steps to help you improve the security of add-ons Chrome:

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1 – check the permissions of the plugins:

  • Go to the Chrome browser on your device.
  • Type chrome:extensions in the address bar; you will see all the installed plugins.
  • Click on the option (details) Details; the bottom of every add listed in the page.
  • You’ll see a pop-up window comprising the full information for each add installed on the browser.

4 خطوات تساعدك على تحسين أمان إضافات كروم

2. access to the site preparation for each add:

  • In the page to add; look for the option (access to site) Site access, in some plugins you’ll find the text which says: “this extension is not the possibility of additional access to the site” – this means that the extension can never see what you are doing during your internet browsing.

4 خطوات تساعدك على تحسين أمان إضافات كروم

  • But with other plugins you will see one of the access levels of the three listed:
  1. When clicking On click: this means that the addendum will be able to access the browsing data only when you click on it, and the website currently open in the selected tab.
  2. In specific locations On specific sites will be add able to access to your browsing data when you are in a specific location or locations you are listing.
  3. On all sites On all sites: will be add able to access to your browsing data all the time, and without any restrictions.

Based on the functions performed by the Add-On, You may need to specify the data address which can access it, for example: will add a Save to Pocket , which is the work-save articles for viewing later, has access to read your data on all websites, in all the time, while there is no justified reason to be this add-on is able to see all what you are doing and access it in every Web page, all the time.

3 – adjust the preparation of the site to prevent access to your data:

Start scans all the plugins that you have installed on your browser, and set the access permissions on an option (when clicking) On click.

In most plugins you shouldn’t see any difference in how they work after reduce went in a reasonable manner, but you may encounter some situations that will reject this option because reducing the level of access will affect their work, here is up to you to hold this addendum, or you delete them.

4. review the permissions of each add before the install:

Once you have finished adjusting the security settings for extensions for Chrome current, do not agree to any permissions before reviewing them thoroughly, understand them, then think whether you should change the scope of the powers of the displayed browsing data.

The current setting in the browser Chrome does not force you to give any to add to the full level of access to view the data that you request. It’s up to you to consider the actions necessary to restore control of your personal data when needed.

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