4 signs reveal infecting your phone with malware.. be careful of them


Smartphones have become an integral part of the life of any person, but with the spread dramatically between users, started many of the malicious attacks to emerge, which often target the Android operating system, The following is the monitor leading indications reveal any phone is infected with a virus are as follows:

– The appearance of Windows pop-up unexpectedly.

Is the most prominent proof of the existence of viruses is the emergence of a lot of pop-up windows on the user’s phone continuously and sudden, where this is considered evidence of injury to the user’s phone software and harmful, so you must review all of the applications that the user installs it on his smartphone recently and remove it.

– The speed of the entry into force of the package of the internet

Performed injury to the phone user of any virus to steal the personal data, and therefore the virus turn Internet whether to display ads or to send user data to other people, so in the case of a note the speed of the entry into force of the package of the Internet, the user must know the application of the most consumed internet and then get rid of them immediately.

– The speed of running out of battery

Other things that are evidence of injury to the user’s PC with viruses, is the speed The battery runs out, where the malicious applications often use your card and phone directly, so the user should also know which applications consume quantum the most of the resources of the battery, and then select the offending app and remove it.

– The poor performance of the phone the higher the temperature.

When he gets the phone software of malicious, often consume all of its resources fully, which leads also to high temperature, pressure, consumption and full of resources, if the telephone user has his injury heat without using it, check the apps that are installed on it.

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