4 reasons to buy phone Honor Play

When I entered Huawei to the world of phones games to a number of other companies that made phones custom to play, it’s not like any other company completely. Chinese giant has not issued a phone at a great price, but on the contrary, he made sure to provide the phone at an economical price offers the standard specification for its price rather than the exploitation of players. Perhaps what prompted Huawei to this step is the gaming market shopper is currently pumping too, and also perhaps their need to expand the chains of the phones to drive new users to own phones.

Although the phone Honor Play Will the treatment price premium but Shawty wasn’t doing anything but provide another phone to reflect Honor Play specifications great own phones category Supreme economical price which is Pocophone F1. Away from this war and compare the phones we use in this article 4 reasons to buy phone Honor Play.

The price of the phone is possible

Although pricing and official specifications of the new phone around the world has not been disclosed officially yet, but the price of the phone in India heralds the price of global areas even increased a bit. The phone’s price in India is 286 USD only which is what makes the phone a real contender for Pocophone F1 of Shao.

Slide the strongest of Huawei

Not be the price of the phone is tempting but when you look inside it first, and inside Honor Play is a partner of Huawei’s strongest Kirin 970. Slide the strong will be performing strong and stable with the games no doubt where they slide in the inside of the phones a big company since the Mate 10 last year which was the first phones that have slide to play with. P20. Partner Kirin 970 possess a healer nervous to address the operations of the artificial intelligence separately, a feature not provided by the Chipset Snapdragon even now also.

The advantages of dedicated gaming

I don’t have a phone dedicated for gaming only some of the advantages-oriented so وHonor Play don’t skimp on you some of these advantages. And the phone feature of the GPU Turbo is not exclusive a feature that will graphic performance for GPU your phones the company by 60% with less consumption of the battery by 30%. What the company can offer better than that? Phone Honor Play already defeated the Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone in the gaming performance.

Also the phone offers a number of special features trade sound and vibration to experience the game the best addition to the Game Suite which will help you to prevent notifications when you play and also adjust gaming performance in detail and a number of other advantages.

Battery help complete the trade

It wasn’t the experience of playing be without the big battery, Huawei didn’t forget it completely. Come Honor Play battery 3750 to guarantee you the number of hours of play before the implementation of the shipping. The company is launching total less energy by 15% to ensure you phone longer battery life compared to phones other case had the same size battery.

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