4 new features on its way to WhatsApp

Started WhatsApp send a number of updates to its application on Android and iOS. Bring improvements to the design, privacy and more, these updates reach users gradually, it is fashionable to be late to her arrival for some users and some countries.

Privacy in groups

We have devoted an article to this feature, it is through the privacy settings you can choose not to add you in groups without receiving an invitation reply to peace or rejection. Figure out a way to work the water in detail: here.

The amendment to the MMORPG

Received some iPhone users new update brings the advantage of relying on the media files that are shared, such as writing to pictures and videos, from within WhatsApp.

Dark mode

The rumors about it are many, since the period and there is evidence of the development of the situation the dark to develop WhatsApp, and more recently in a BETA version on the Android platform found on the logo of the black that would accompany the dark mode, as well as find what can be the form of chat bubbles actually dark.

Small improvements

Bring one of the updates of WhatsApp on iOS this month’s feature to hide the situation and improvements on the appearance of some application windows.

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