4 must apps for Galaxy S10

The completion of the line Galaxy S is finally here! Ignoring the huge cost of new products, there are many features that make this smartphone ideal for your everyday use. However, the use of any smartphone is not fun, if not certain, desired applications. To maximize the use of their new mobile device, you can download the best, in our view, applications for Galaxy S10 from Google Play.

PureVPN – one of the best VPN apps available in Google Play store. Based in Hong Kong VPN service offers a variety of features, so you can enjoy the full freedom of the web. With VPN you can access Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify (which is on our list, but Russia has not yet reached) and any other streaming service of your choice from anywhere of the globe.

In addition, VPN also provides complete security of your stay online. In a world where data theft and online surveillance have become commonplace, VPN gives you the ability to preserve anonymity and security on the Internet by encrypting your data at the Protocol end-to-end.

PureVPN default comes with many features, including the ability to instantly disable Internet connection, split tunneling, DNS Leak protection, and many others. You will also have complete freedom of access to everything that you want, thanks to our global database with more than 2000 servers in over 140 countries.

And when you get tired of constantly “surfing” the Internet on their S10, or if you runs out of battery, you can continue to enjoy PureVPN and other devices. In the end, the service has apps for all major platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

And the best, in our opinion, the “trick” in the possession of PureVPN is that you can send an invitation to the man, putting his name and email address, and as soon as he / she accepts, he’ll get PureVPN for 30 days absolutely free.

Netflix is a favorite app for watching movies and TV series in many people. About ten years ago we had to rent our favorite movies and TV shows to watch them, and then time to return to avoid the penalty. And that Netflix at the time changed the approach to this by launching the world’s first streaming service.

All you need to do is log in to your account and choose any movie, “documentary” or TV show he wants to watch. Have Netflix there’s an app for all major platforms, including Android, so you can easily download it to your Galaxy S10 from Google Play.

Although Netflix and available from most countries of the world, the best version of his library is not available everywhere. The American version of Netflix has most movies and TV series. So if you live outside the US and know English, you’ll like the service Netflix VPN. As mentioned above, PureVPN also helps you to access us version of Netflix.

Google recently launched an interesting app called Google Goggles. This app can search the Internet for things from the real world and give them links for further reference or purchase, for example. However, with Google Goggles having a problem which Google shut it down last year.

It was not the end for Goggles, because soon Google has launched a much improved version of it and called it Google Lens. Its powerful AI can recognize pictures, faces, plants, animals, text and even barcodes and display all relevant references to recognized things on the Internet.

Although the app is awesome, it is available only to users in certain countries. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem and to easily upload Google Lens on your Galaxy S10 with PureVPN where ever you are.

There is no doubt that we all love music. The music is totally different. Some like pop. Others love metal. Many people like rap. All this and more are easy to find on Spotify, which is the best app for streaming music.

Spotify is available on all platforms, including your preferred Samsung mobile OSes Android. Spotify pay, but its worth considering given the amount and quality of content that it has to offer.

Although Spotify is one of the most popular applications for streaming music, it is, unfortunately, only available in certain regions. For example, in Russia Spotify not “delivered” and it works only via VPN, but recently the Spotify representatives said that the popular music service will soon become available to us.

Again, VPN services to help you, because it allows you to access websites and services that are otherwise unavailable in your region. Where ever you go, you can easily download and use the Spotify app on your Galaxy S10 with PureVPN.

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