4 features open its service to Apple’s cloud and – what is it?!

Modify services shared cloud provided by giant companies like Service Google Drive and also onedrive also offers a cloud service provided by Apple and famous.

Comes the cloud service icloud installed on phones iPhone and tablets with Apple, but we find that cloud service and lacking many of the features that you will know in the next lines.

The features that were missing in icloud :

  • Feature shared files

The advantage of file sharing has become one of the necessities of cloud services, and mosques in many of the other services but I don’t find them in icloud, unfortunately.

The service does not allow access to files that are shared for reading and the possibility of writing inside, used to remove them or modification of the root on the shared files.

Also the service does not allow users to create a link to the account and own them to allow other people access to personal account and uploading files on their mobile devices. As a matter of security, but this feature may be necessary for many.

  • Restore files easily

Allows you to and review of the deleted files but that feature works slowly and is not efficient when searching for a deleted file having trouble to find it easily.


  • Share files online only

The fourth feature that opens its cloud storage service from Apple is to add the ability to distinguish between the files located on the and and on the mobile device, in view of its importance when the existence of files of the big sizes running memory of the mobile device and want to save it online only.

  • Create a link to participate in

You can create a public link to share through and, But you must prepare the common permissions manually on each link even if you copy the link directly!

These are some of the features that opens its cloud storage service icloud, which slept from Apple to take account of those points in the updated law.

Can you open other features in icloud is?

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