4 clever tricks to mimic the signal of “wifi” in the region

Use of the network, “Wi-Fi” one of the basics of life, no house is devoid of “router internet”, despite the various speeds offered by telecom companies are often faced with twice the speed of the internet in the middle of the month or at the end.
Provide the following lines, the most prominent tricks that will help to strengthen the signal “Wi-Fi” in the region.

Wi-Fi adapter

Laptop old does not possess the potential to make it go the right speed to get the strongest signal for WiFi, and that’s why can buy the adapter of type “11ac”, which returns the potential of the weak in the laptops of old, and makes them more independent signal internet.

Places closed

Some want to hide the router, away from the reach of children, or because of The Shape of his non-decent with the decor of the House, this would weaken the Wi-Fi signal, so you must follow the following:

  • Signal strong Wi-Fi has to be put “router” in the open, away from walls and cabinets closed, then put it near the concrete walls between it and the distribution of WiFi network easily, and therefore less than the density of the electromagnetic waves that issue from them, which withdraw not necessarily on the speed of the internet.
  • Better not put the device on flat surfaces, or tables, or something low it hung on the wall, put the router in place of the low would reduce the strengthen Wi-Fi signal and reduce his speed, it is the nature of the work antenna router distributed from the top to the bottom, and put the device in a high place allows the distribution of those waves well and actively more.
  • Must be a router somewhere in the middle of the house, so he can distribute the signal more in all over the place.

Insurance against theft

Signal Wi-Fi’s greatest strength, we must tap the full site, you must follow the below steps to stop the theft cases:

  • Maintain software updates for the router permanently and continuously.
  • Change info Wi-Fi user name and password away from the stereotyped words like “admin”.
  • Motion to turn off the “WPS” as long as you can not run the router.
  • Need to disable any special services management of Wi-Fi remote.
  • Choose the service “DNS” is different from those allocated for the purchase of the internet.

Replace the router

Replace the router the dilapidated old with a new one will get a WiFi signal faster and stronger.

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