4 Apps to track new movies and series

After a period of subscription entertainment service like Netflix, you may disobey the user choose the movie or series the following, or remember what he started from the chains of movies and series to be used, and it is true that services record the date of the observations, and suggests the content of building it, but suggestions would be trapped on the content expected for each service.. and here comes the role of the applications of the following:


Track the TV shows you watch to give you the arrival of the new, can be linked to his service Trak.tv to view the ratings and comments of the viewers about the series, it also includes a tool to calculate elapsed time in watching serials. It is available for Android only.


Next to the advantages of tracking serials and movies, which of them adjust the clock with the availability of TV shows and Movies, features introduced the guest the best sites like IMDB and Rotton Tomatoes and others. But living it that a lot of nurses are paid, it is available for Android only.


Perhaps the best in the list; enjoy a sleeker design, and you can login with one of your social networking accounts such as Facebook, once you choose what you like of content, you can discover more via the special tab, you can view the ratings and comments to IMDB within the app. And it’s available for both Android andiOS.


Also enjoy a stylish design, and you can link with Google, you can explore the series and viewing habits, and also supports alerts, notifications, and display the IMDB rating, but live he is trapped on the series without the movies. It is available for both Android andiOS.

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