4 annoying problems Android and how to handle them

Let’s be honest with ourselves: the ideal mobile operating system does not exist. You can arbitrarily argue about which is better — Android or iOS, but the undeniable fact will always be the only one there, and there, there are annoying moments, which can be put up, and you can try to fix. Well, let’s look at things in a Green Robot enrage, but that it is possible to win.

Making Android better!

The contents

Rapid discharge of the battery

Of course, this is a problem almost all modern smartphones, but Android due to its “internal” specifics rather works closely with applications and they can run out of battery. This is due, primarily, to the fact that programs are not always well optimized and can “eat” a lot of useful resources on your gadget. In order to find out, go to “Settings” and look for the item “energy Consumption”. Here you will see the programs that consume most of the battery. If you just do that sit in a Telegram in our group and he is the messenger on the first positions, then do not worry. Everything is as it should be.

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But if the top gets the application that you almost never use — surely this is one of the originators of the problems. So you can always find a replacement in the Play Store. But if the program for you is extremely important, it is possible to conserve in other ways. For example, avoid the option to automatically adjust the display brightness, reducing it to values in the 40-50% manually.

Constant lockups and slow smartphone

Phones typically begin to slow you down when their memory starts to become clogged. Sometimes the phone even freezes and force users to reboot. If your screen slows down, then try to remove all the apps or photos that you no longer need. Probably on your gadget to find at least a dozen. If some of them are important, you want to keep, then think about how to move them to the cloud or increase the size of the SD card. And move them there.

Another way to protect your device from hovering — close all open applications that after use, hang in the background. Also it would be nice to delete the entire cache. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Applications” and select “Clear cache”.

Bluetooth and wifi do not work

Wireless interfaces are very useful, but sometimes very capricious. Agree, I’m sure almost everyone has had a situation when the gadget is not connected to a known wireless network, or does not “see” Bluetooth nausica, although 10 minutes ago, he clearly “saw”? Hard to say what is causing the problem, but the solution here is quite simple — try to turn on airplane mode and leave it on for about 30 seconds and then turn it off and try again. In most cases, it helps. If not — try to restart the phone or re-pair the devices (if we’re talking about Bluetooth).

The smartphone gets very hot

This is a common problem among some products running Android. Firstly (and this is even written in the user manual) do not use the smartphone while charging. Because the power controller is not always cope with the load redistribution. Besides, in this situation the battery goes down much faster. Also heat can cause Bluetooth will not work. If we are talking about, except to say the pair is connected to the mobile devices, the problems should not be. But in the case when you connect to your smartphone 3-4 Bluetooth gadget, heating almost can not be avoided. So use modern technology wisely. And everything will be fine!

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