4 Android games new and fun (11)

Join dozens of games to the store of Google Play every day, but few of them what features experience enjoyable, here’s 4 new games and fun have emerged over the past two weeks.

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“ 6 Android games new fun (10)


Based games the classic snake that ask eat food Lasik the size of the snake, but request a connection to the internet to face opponents from around the world with a firearm must accurately portray the opponent even kill him, to be the winner is the only survivor.

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Designing games for the arcade, moving out and download drop the opponent out of the map, the opponent may be real player when connected to the internet, or bot software in ad hoc mode to not connect to the internet.

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To discover the world or destroy it in order to discover his secrets, you must be an army of powerful beings which can be merged together to produce objects of rare and subtly combat better help you on the suitable players from around the world in this game.

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Snow Roll

If you are looking for a simple game just to kill spare time, you might want to turn in rolled an infinite snowball with a simple tap on the screen to help you overcome the obstacles and assembling coins.

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