3D printing helps quickly treat serious bone injury

Some people from childhood know what a fracture is, and how long does the process of splicing. Fortunately, scientists from around the world are constantly looking for ways to speed up treatment in early March we told you how researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has decided to use graphene. In the treatment of fractures is also a very useful 3D printing — there are materials that help the bone cells to quickly and correctly multiply. Recently, scientists from the universities of Maryland and Texas have significantly improved this technology.

3D-материал для лечения переломов костей

Essentially printed on a 3D printer the materials that perform the role of scaffolding. They are implanted into the injury site and helping the bone cells to quickly and correctly multiply and move from the bone adjacent to the damaged. In the end, the cells completely displace gradually dissolving material, and the bone becomes healthy and strong.

Until now, this technology could not be applied in the treatment of osteochondral tissue, which is present in the long bones of the arms and legs. The fact that each of them has a compressible layer of smooth cartilage which is gradually transformed into hard bone. Thus the technology is effective for splicing homogeneous bone cannot be applied to heterogeneous splicing.

3D-материал для лечения переломов костей

It was impossible to until the researchers created a material with a structure similar to osteochondral fabric. It consists partly of a soft polymer with a cartilaginous texture, which gradually turns into solid ceramics in the form of bones. Contained in these pores allow the cartilage and bone cells gradually migrate to them, given the presence of blood vessels.

The next step for researchers is to create materials that are designed specifically for specific types of injuries. Typically, complex trauma inhomogeneous bone occur in athletes, but researchers are reminded that they may face ordinary people.

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