35% of smartphone sales in India during the second quarter of this year has been online

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The institution Canalys specializing in market research published its report on the status of the smartphone market in India. According to the company, has been 35 percent of the total online purchases, which means that purchases made online have grown by 65 percent compared with last year. Total sales of smart phones are more than 12 million units, although this is not a huge number, but it shows tremendous improvement in the habits of Indian consumers on the internet.

The e-retailer leading in the third quarter of this year is FlipKart and Amazon, and other stores which has taken over 91 percent of sales, while it was 9 percent of sales have a local retailer. With regard to the brand, it was Xiaomi’s leaked picture on the 54 percent of the total sales, followed by Samsung at 13 percent, and Huawei by 7 percent.

The analyst said TuanAnh Nguyen from the company Canalys that possess a Walmart store FlipKart investment company Alibaba platform PayTM has produced optimism that was much needed in this sector, where smart phones have become the most popular products that are sold on these platforms, and benefit directly from these investments.

By the holiday season in the month of November, is expected to tell major retailers, including FlipKart and Amazon raising the level of competitiveness by offering a deal strong. And other plugins boom massive sales conducted over the internet is the emergence of sub-brands such as POCO from Xiaomi company and Realme from the company Oppo, a brand that is likely to enhance shipments in the third quarter and the fourth quarter.

Still retailer the actual is behind most of the smartphone sales in India, but this will change in the future. Pointed Foundation Canalys indicates that Asus moved from direct distribution to retailer the actual home via internet within few months only. This has helped the Taiwanese company to double its shipments in the second quarter and the performance standard in the second quarter of this year.

Other brands that continues to grow is the Xiaomi which is now the largest seller of smartphones in the India market share is very huge, but the institution Canalys reported that the winners of the musicians in this competition, is the e-retailer, especially FlipKart and Amazon.


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