30 years on the network starting online

30 عام على انطلاق شبكة الانترنت30 years on the network starting online

30 years on the network starting online

In this day of every year, we all need, and with us the reader sideburns should be dear as long as you read Are these lines, we need all the birthday of the World Wide Web the WorldWideWeb or known test in the name of (W3) .

On March 12, 1989, proposed to the British physicist Tim Berners-Lee, who works in the laboratory of physics in Europe (CERN), proposed a system of decentralized information management, which became later a reference to the birth of the World Wide Web that which is now used by billions of people.

After all these years, I must admit that the web has become the field general and and a doctor and a school and studio to the office, cinema, Bank and also to prevent doing .

But on the other side, in the same cemetery almost available web also an opportunity for fraudsters, and gave a voice to prevent the spreading of hatred, and made all kinds of crimes easier to commit, to continue life between good and evil .

Every year and the internet fine.😆 .

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