3 ways to follow the Mundial 2018 on your phone android and PC

مونديال 2018

We show here 3 ways to follow the games Mundial 2018 from among the hundreds of ways available via apps and websites and servers alternative about the official ones that will broadcast the games across the technology IPTV.

Roads 3 new sums with two applications BeoutQ and application Pro IPTV ONE of your cell phones of the Android and other new Watch beIN which can be accessed through your PC to run the channels and bundle me to the sport in a way to try the service Connect paid.

Application Beoutq

Specializes application displays the channels my OTA que ten only, as we know here that what is displayed is transferred from the channels I sport with a spoon her and everything.
The app is small in size gains any about 4 MB and can be downloaded from the following link:

Beoutq APK

Application Pro IPTV ONE

The app has a full range of sports channels manifold, including me, to sportsnet PI oto q compilation dedicated to the World Cup 2018.
Of course, this app and other apps don’t the adverts that are accepted which don’t show up during the match.

Download the app :

Website watch beIN

Know this new site all the channels I sport including channels of muffins to release them depends on the display mechanism similar to far in that location and the direct broadcast Connect affiliate with me, I sport.
Prefer to visit this site through your desktop PC or laptop on the following link:

Website watch beIN

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