3 things we would like changed in the phones 2019

In the time that we see each year a number of new features in the smart phones, there are some well-known advantages become months between phones and some of the advantages start to disappear. In 2018 we certainly have a year filled with competition fierce for which some of the not yet where we produce a lot of phones coming soon. But far away what’s to come this year indeed now we have a picture of what we want from the phones, 2019 and how we would like to be in terms of techniques already existing now.

The disappearance of the slit screen

Already you see a number of statistics that most users do not prefer the presence of a slit in the screen of the smartphone, perhaps the sales of iPhone X the same not the size of the expectations of Apple, according to reports, the software all IT companies insist on imitating Apple and put a slit in the screens of smart phones. And it all started with the launch of company of a deer for iPhone X last November at the apartment in the screen forget what you did Essential to assess a lot of companies by the water and put the slit in the screen many phones during the past months of the current year.

Definitely increase the screen space for the face of the phone is good and does not bother anyone but the apartments are not the best way to do that, at least by the same users. The expiration of the apartments during the period of a few doesn’t seem like something would happen already so that Google itself has developed in support of the apartment in the system version Android 9 killer but in the end, we can end flats and to the other creations to increase screen space for the face.

The disappearance of the sensors footprint

Definitely the sensor of the fingerprint from within the advantages that he loves everyone in the smart phones during the past three years, but maybe it’s time to hide these sensors and put them under the screens. Company Vivo has succeeded in gaining access to technical already and apply them to improve significantly during the coming period after the launch of the first phone in the world technical supports, we have a financial phone during the summer supports the same Technology and they are the NEX from the same company وFind X from the company oppo.

Wireless charging on all phones

Wireless charging is one of the advantages that we saw in more and more phones in 2018 from Huawei P20 Pro for Xiaomi Mi 8 and oneplus 6 but maybe it’s time to become this feature in all phones to the highest category but appear in the phones category is expected. Apple probably do that already enabled the feature in its phones last year is expected to return the water back on.

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