3 phones iPhone modern technology and unique.. What do experts predict for Apple in 2019?

I thought Apple to impress users year after year, phones new contains the latest specifications and technologies, experts predict that the reveal in the next period of 3 phones iPhone at once, supports one or all of the 3 cameras, in addition to other things, make it clear in those lines.

3 phones iPhone

3 هواتف أيفون حديثة وتكنولوجيا فريدة.. ماذا يتوقع الخبراء لأبل في 2019؟

Confirmed reports of the subsidiary for Wall Street as well as Bloomberg, that Apple is planning in the current year for the same approach to the years 2017 and 2018, with respect to the number of phones issued to the public, while the leading company in the field of technology, detects phones iPhone 8 and iOS 8 Plus iOS X in 2017, and phones iPhone XR and iOS XS iOS XS the Max in the last year, recent reports indicate that Apple will sell its users around the World 3 phones iPhone during the next period.

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