3 features would have made phones Galaxy S9 best

The wait is over, Samsung has officially launched its new Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 that look wonderful improvements are minor in terms of design, a lot of changes in the gear and the interior including the stereo speakers, awesome camera, and more. But, there is nothing to complete, isn’t it? There are some features missing such phones, which if supported will be phones very excellent.


Galaxy S9+ has the rear camera a dual, which we saw first on the Galaxy Note 8. This camera has two lenses allow to focus the direct, which means focusing on a certain point in front of the lens and ignore the other things, a feature available quality camera professional cameras and some phones of the competition. It is sad some thing if you want Galaxy S9, you will need to abandon the feature portraiture.

Larger batteries

Now, after Samsung has managed to recover from the problem of Galaxy Note 7 and the failure of the battery, it was a lot of users are hoping that the company will insert the card the more intense the phones new. Instead, the Galaxy S9 has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, and the bulk contains a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, just like the phones last year!

Reader fingerprint under the screen

We already know that this feature is coming. And vivo that is based out of China have already launched a phone that supports this feature, which is certainly doable. Either Samsung is not ready for this technology on a large scale, or they retain this feature to be something very special with a phone Galaxy Note 9. Read also:

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