3 cameras wallpaper, you know on the specifications of the Samsung S10 new

The company launched the Samsung Group Samsung phones S10 Galaxy, yesterday, at the mass which celebrated the production of phones Korean the tenth anniversary of the launch phones of the Model S, was the most prominent versions that supplanted the curtain about is S10, S10E, and S10 Plus, the Fold, and through this all exciting great controversy, and once again the facade and defend her title as the best brand for smartphones in the world.

3 كاميرات خلفية.. تعرف على مواصفات هاتف سامسونج S10 الجديد Samsung S10

Specifications phone Samsung S10

Is your Samsung Galaxy S10 entry point natural because pregnant standards have a family S10, the device comes announced yesterday a 6.1 inch within built thanks to a relatively soft around the sides, where the proud Samsung that this is the first screen that you get a certificate “+HDR10”.

Comes phone Samsung S10 new three cameras, the background, the sensor “Ultrawide” accurately 16-megapixel camera with fixed focus, the lens wide-angle double-quality 12 – megapixel camera with “OIS”, and close to 12-megapixel with the technology of “OIS”, which can achieve optical zoom”2x”, this means that you can take normal pictures and personal photos of any of the sensors, as soon as you switch between the cameras on the screen.

3 كاميرات خلفية.. تعرف على مواصفات هاتف سامسونج S10 الجديد Samsung S10

For selfies, you get a front camera with 10 megapixel, in addition to Aperture lens double, this means that the camera allows you lighting automatically when it senses you are in an environment of low visibility.

You will be able to buy Samsung S10 storage space up to 128 GB or 512 GB, all of their memory random 8 GB, up to 512 GB in storage capacity “microSD” or external storage, the battery capacity of 3, 400 mAh, as you will get two screens curved, in addition to the “Gorilla Glass 6″ on the interface, and the”Gorilla Glass 5″ on the back, also supports phones and S10 also features wireless charging quick”2.0″ and”Wi-Fi 6”.

The phone comes new Samsung colors many different “pink, Canary, green, blue, black, white,” you will know Samsung Galaxy S10 Galaxy in the markets starting from a price of 900$.

It is anticipated that the company gets a lot of praise due to this particular product they are betting on you to plan out your lights again after fierce competition with major companies.

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