$ 3 billion.. application that helps students solve homework

Have you ever heard of Yuanfudao it? It’s the application of Chinese education, can help students in solving the homework, so with the success of his striking over recent years, reached its market value to $ 3 billion at once, so what is this app?

Application Yuanfudao

Learn the types and purposes of electronic application deployed on the phones are smart, so that it is sure to find more than one application in each area, so as the diversity of applications to the competent educational sector, and surprised us app Chinese Yuanfudao competent to dissolve the school, the indexation of the hit in terms of profits and escalating day by day.

The back of the application Yuanfudao for the first time in 2012, i.e. since more than 6 years, where increased investment through this app promising year after year, until it reached its value with the end of the year 2018, to around $ 3 billion, what are the functions of this educational application is popular in China?

School homework and other things.

Type application Yuanfudao his fame of being a specialized application in the solution of homework, where it is assumed the student to draw a picture of the questions for this educational app, in order to give him the answers as soon as possible, however, that water is not only for لـYuanfudao as it seems.

Can the Chinese also give students the chance of training on year-end exams, so be prepared fully for their performance later, the product also offers Chinese students a lot of educational courses representative of multiple areas, which is transmitted through it directly, as it is entitled to the application by those states and most of its profits growing year after year.

No longer the app of China is the only specialist in the field of education, where she appeared other applications designed to facilitate the educational process also, but in different ways, including, but not limited to the application of Duolingo, the competent education of different languages, as well as the app Photomath to solve the sports questions.

It is worth mentioning that the application of the Yuanfudao education, the Leadership Foundation Tennessee included the Chinese, which is considered one of the most famous companies specialized in the internet field, assigned to this organ also published a lot of games electronic.

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