3 alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger friend privacy reliable

It became known recently that Facebook applications were designed to collect information about Users and use them for more than just display relevant ads.

I don’t enjoy all of the WhatsApp added to facebook Messenger privacy, and conversations you have are eventually reading from the tip of your robots that the company, analysis and display of ads on the official app or the website user-friendly, and perhaps use that data for other purposes non-commercial.

Luckily, there are plenty of applications which provide us to chat and communicate with family and friends and even use her best at work.

In this article we’ll talk about 3 alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger that is a friend of privacy.


  • The application telegram

This is the application of alternative No. 1, especially for applications WhatsApp, which join using your phone number and get the verification code via text message to later on use this service.

Everyone in this app that has enjoyed over 200 million users, adding to it available for smartphones as well as computers there is a web version of the browser.

Of the advantages offered by the telegram we find the live chat with friends privately as well as Group Chat, and share photos, videos, links, texts, maps, posters, expressive in addition to files and documents.

It also provides the feature to create groups, join the largest in terms of size and capabilities compared with groups WhatsApp, and also can websites and publishers to create channels and publish links to your content and promote their channels on their sites for use in alerting subscribers of new content.

The advantage of bots is one of the most important features of this app where there is the world and even Arab ones, speaking of the Arab presence in this region is very high.

And don’t forget that this app offers voice and video chat and send audio files, not to mention that it is easy to use and simple.

Speaking of Privacy, the telegram provides encryption of conversations in accordance with the best encryption protocols currently available in addition to modify the messages that have been sent before the called party of the other or pulled, not to mention that it also supports chat Secret hide conversations to the side of self-destruction is also expected to feature the development of capture screen image to the conversation.

You can download the app from here for your device.


  • The application of Signal Private Messenger

Of the most popular apps in recent years which is growing chat applications that provide conversation speed, and that the testimony of Edward snowden, who is a client of former employee for the Central Intelligence Agency of America.

App unknown number of users and this is what assures us that, with high specificity so that the installers you don’t know about the numbers of users as is the case for the rest of the competitors, but certainly one of the most popular chat applications at the moment.

This app design is easy to use besides that it is available for Android devices besides the iPad and iPhone as well as a copy of computer available.

It is possible to provided by this app we chat written chat Friday, which provides the exchange of text messages, photos and videos as well as links along with files that can be shared.

The application supports all modes of communication including video calls and the direct exchange of stickers, emoji, symbols and various types of other content such as maps and animation files such as documents and e-books.

App like telegram is free and shows you advertisements or content that could benefit them financially the developer does not, unlike Messenger, which started displays messages representative of the company as well as WhatsApp, which goes for the same step almost.

And for the record, the app is built on an open source project, allowing security and stay away from any auction or commercial purposes in the future.

As for privacy, the app offers many advantages including messages of self-destruction which differ in several cities of the Sent and the user can control.

It also provides a Application to make video calls and audio High quality, and encrypted at the same time Non-Negotiable or trade from a third party.

All conversations and messages on the app is encrypted by default and are not readable or accessible by a third party.

You can download the app for your device now for free from here.


  • The application Threema

There is a rule is straightforward: when you don’t pay the price of a commodity, you know you’re you peace, and this is what applies today to chat applications and social networking sites, they provide all the possibilities to wonderful to download free of charge material, but it is our data!

Kiev and be logical, this is not a defect as long as those data used for purposes of showing relevant ads, but sold for other purposes or disclose the identity of the owners is extremely bad and unacceptable.

This appeared the theme of a new social media payments, and the social network Vero one of the social stresses that user data is not the uprising of the physical ones, and that the Contractor is paid subscription to stay in the use of the service.

This idea is that the application Threema, which gained millions of downloads and is developed by an independent company bearing the same name applied.

As is the case by both the telegram and Signal Private Messenger, the app is available for Android devices Add to the iPhone as well as iPad and do not forget that available computer any that multi-platform which it depends.

The app also features the design of easy-to-use it lets add friends and of course each one of them will have to pay the Contractor monthly to stay in touch.

The app is the chat script and direct bilateral and collective in both chat you can share photos, videos and maps create votes Add to hold audio and video calls and share posters, links, files and e-books and the exchange of contacts.

Enjoy the app encrypts the high-quality advantages, such as messages self-destructing and communicate the identity of the unknown Add to that all of the patterns of communication on the app is encrypted.

You do not need to the phone number or email in order to register in this app and start using it, which makes it with high specificity and confirms that the company is in the process of collecting e-mail addresses or phone numbers to be used for commercial purposes.

You can download the app from here


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