25 feature iOS 13 we would like to see Android

Apple every year to conduct a press conference to announce the new operating system and new features for developers and users. In this year, change the account the controlling over the past years regarding Apple announce the features already available with Android and iOS system 13 provided a large range of who nurses are and additions small and large, which we would like to see running Android.

Log in using an account with Apple TV

Sure, this is advertising of the most exciting in the WWDC conference. No longer log in using an account with Apple’s new option available to developers and makers of apps and games, a feature similar to login by account Google meaning you won’t need to create a new account and save a new password for each service, but the login by account Apple designed taking into account privacy, so that you can login to any application with a single click without entering your email address.

For the services requesting a letter, provide this feature of Apple-enter a new email address entirely linked with your main, so you wouldn’t know the service e-mail address Main will not be able to applications of bother you and follow you.

Dark mode automatic

System provides iOS 13 Dark Mode finally at the system level, but unlike the Android Q, you can also run it automatically. Options include scheduling the running situation starting from sunset to sunrise as well as appropriate timelines for the user, so that you can schedule the running situation of ten o’clock p.m., for example, will be done automatically.

Cleaning the battery charging

Not mentioned this feature in the conference, but the new operating system provides a setting to maintain battery performance and longevity. It is known that the battery when left charging continuously, it moving, but when this feature is enabled, it will charge your device to 80% and will decrease the charging speed even if the device is connected to the energy, while will be charging the remaining 20% is very slow.

Quick access to the favorite application maps

Ignores many of the users use the Maps application Apple both users of iOS or Android, but the company interested in this service in the last period and more data detailed maps of the coming users in America, besides adding some features that we wish to be available Maps Google.

The first feature is an easy way to access favorites through the fast scrolling on the Home screen, while the focus Maps Google more to explore the places around you, and hide your places starred in the side menu, the style of Apple TV is to allow you to quickly access to favorites, lists and recent searches, while the second feature is the Look Around that resembling a trade default, which destroyed between real life and the map.

Find devices, without internet

We can find iPhones, Android phones, tablets, watches and more years ago, but if your device is not connected to the internet, it will show the last location it was connected to it. Through the new features in the application Find My, users will be able to find on their device even if not connected to the internet.

The way you work this feature is that the iPhone and iPad and even the MacBook is not connected to the internet still work as a Bluetooth safe, and it will swap positions in a way encrypted and anonymous to the Apple devices other near them, it will lead to the emergence of a whole network of devices around you to find the Lost Ones.

Photography screen full

I got many smart phones running Android on the advantage of filming full screen and not part of it years ago, and Google has added Officially to the operating system in Android R. and now the Apple by adding water to the system by the new system, the iPad also.

Reminders more powerful

There is a system reminder from Google years ago, but his system is wrong and confusing and spread across multiple applications, including the Keep, Calendar, and rules, and apply Tasks New. Compare between that and the application of the reminders of the central of Apple, where there is a big gap, and sought Apple this gap further by giving the app a lot of new features.

There are lists of clever things that you want to do daily or scheduled later or that have been marked. There is also a mechanism of Intelligent Analysis and understand the places and times, such as going to the gym every Wednesday at 8 in addition to the toolbar and quick to set a time or a place or a relationship or attached to any reminder of the last, in addition to alerts on persons and topics that you should discuss with them the next time you send a message to them, and more.

Video editing advanced

May be this is the most impressive feature, is the access to edit video on a lot of improvements to iOS New 13. So, the idea of the possibility of photo editing and save edits, and then revert to the original image at any time, right now it applies to video clips too, to add to the possibility of adjusting the direction of the imaging worse vertically or horizontally, and the possibility of setting filters and effects of all kinds on videos and many other options.

Picture folder smarter

Many users prefer the application of Google Health, very smart, but iOS system 13 brought a bunch of improvements that make the images folder of the virtual smarter. So that the council can in just one step removed repetitive images, focus on the pictures most interesting, so if you take more pictures of the same scene, he’ll kill you System sound better.

The image folder will display the images according to the days and months better, with the presentation of an annual dynamic, in addition to renaming events automatically according to geographical location and more of the nurses lost in the application of Google Health.

The lighting effects in your personal photos

While you can always edit the photo after you taken on any operating system, the ability to see certain effects directly when taking pictures is very welcome, as it can help you to choose the effect or filter the better the image, and that’s why we like the option to apply the lighting effects in portraits in the new operating system iOS 13.

Improvements to the Safari browser

Offers Safari browser iOS 13 a lot of changes and improvements kind that we would like to see browser Chrome. You can set the Reading Mode, which displays the desktop version or the mobile, in addition to the appearance of the popup window settings of the images before uploading, and grouping tabs into groups to close them or open them all at once, this may be useful for the conduct of specific work, such as opening the different websites that you can browse them every morning quickly.

To allow applications access to the geographical location only once

Android system Q recently gave the powers of the new permissions of the geographical location, including the option to allow geographic location while using the app. But iOS 13 take this step forward, which offers the option to allow applications access to the geographical location only once, and then seen on the app ask permission again.

The limits of the built-in applications Screen Time

The service of Screen Time provided many benefits since its launch last year. And with the iOS system 13, I got some improvements that we really want. You can request an extension of one minute before turning off the app, so you can finish your task the current, as well as set the limits of the contact for children to enable only switch to contacts specific just at different times of the day.

But the most advantageous feature is the limit for applications of the group. Suppose you want spend just one hour to become Games, social networks, messaging applications, so you can select a certain period for each group or specify the period for all applications.

Share internet with family – Hotspot

When traveling or on a trip out of the house, and you’re one of the few people who have their contact data, it starts with individuals and others to request the participation of the internet with them. Is the process of creating a contact point is easy, but giving the password to different people is annoying, so the new system added option to share the internet with your family automatically via iCloud without having to set up a new network or input a new password.

View the lyrics of the songs

There are dozens of apps that can do this specifically on Android, but getting this feature in the app the default music is much better. So in the new system you will find the lyrics of the songs you know synchronously with the music, which is the result of the process of acquisition of the Apple on the application Shazam for sure.

Switching between networks, Wi-Fi from the control panel

With Android system, we used to switch networks Wi-Fi quickly once you expand the quick settings, though removed system Pie. System iOS New 13, has finally been made available to switch between networks directly from the control panel instead of having to go to Settings every time.

Voice control

Spent Google lot of time in the discussion of access in the I / O through the involvement of the assistant and speech recognition is impressive and so much more. But one feature of Apple TV left me smiling, and I think it should be implemented everywhere, and be patient my numbers.

You only need to say “show numbers” will turn the entire screen into a grid numbered, and you can narrow the scope of access to the sections which helps people with special needs to control the network better, and faster.

Siri what

There is little of the capacity of the assistant Siri, which I hope will be available in the Assistant Google, but the shortcut is certainly one of them. Can integrate this feature in third party apps, which provides many of the facilities of the tasks performed by repeatedly, in addition to proposing the automation of the business through understanding your habits and just need to agree on operations.

Share photos with someone else.

Prefer the ecosystem, Apple can enable some experiments that will be less safe and more complex to achieve on Android. One of them is the ability of the system iOS 13 new watch images between the sky wireless AirPods without pairing first.

Share photos with the HomePod

In the context of the similar problem of sound between the headphones AirPods, you can now share music and podcasts, and phone calls from the iPhone to the HomePod as soon as you touch them when you arrive home or enter a certain room.

Many great additions to the iPadOS

While get rid of Google completely from the idea of the Android platform on tablet devices, the availability of Apple to move forward with the iPad. At WWDC, I got the device on an operating system of its own, separate from the iOS. Even if there weren’t benefit of a direct comparison with Android, we can only look at what can be.

The system provides iPadOS new way to multi-tasking: Slide Over, which interferes two apps together on the screen, and Split View, which allows to open two windows of the same application, with the possibility of drag-and-drop between windows, create new window in addition to the ability to use iPad as a second screen for the Mac is wired or wireless with support for touch and mouse.

The actions proposed by Siri on CarPlay

Similar to the company’s main redesigned in Android Auto, get CarPlay on the new information panel and one of the most intriguing additions are the procedures proposed by Siri, which show quick actions like opening the door of your garage when you’re close to home, or share a calendar event the following when you leave in the morning.

Security features لـHomeKit

Announced the Apple TV also features two new HomeKit for routers and security cameras. The first feature allows the firewall for each device and context, and the second allows the analysis of videos recorded on iPhone and iPad or TV and send it in encrypted form fully like.

A plurality of users on the tvOS

A regular feature since a long time, that finally arrived for the new with Home screen customized for each user and recommendations for each person’s file. It is true that Android TV supports many users, but the water is opaque and useless, according to its users.

Extras nice on watchOS

And last but not least, here’s another example of the speed that are going to have the Apple TV with the statute: watchOS, has a new feature for tracking health conditions for ladies, apply to measure the noise it can detect noisy environments, the direction of the activity to notify you if you have kept your documents during the last ninety days compared to the whole.

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