25 application and Android game paid become free temporarily (69)

Waiting in the store Google Play apps and games paid heavily funded, which makes its developer it free for a limited time, and we’ll show you dear follow tic Voight in this series group of them, so be on Near always!

Note: the application of the Les shown below will be available for free for a limited time, has become paid back if what I read in the late, also that the application developer may have to specify certain states have to offer.


  1. Kids Safe Web Browser – Safe Browser for children
  2. Just Notepad Pro – Simple Notepad w/ File Browser – to write text files and notes
  3. Text Analyzer Pro – a tool to count the words and letters and sentences and paragraphs in documents

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  1. Learn Mandarin – HSK Hero Pro
  2. Tower Builder
  3. Descent: Death Valley
  4. Doors & Rooms: The Perfect Escape
  5. Gorodki
  6. HEXASMASH • Wrecking Ball Physics Puzzle
  7. The Lost Lands:Dinosaur Hunter
  8. 2 Player Quiz Pro
  9. AFK Heroes
  10. Final Castle Defence : Idle RPG
  11. Taxi Driver 2019
  12. Stone Of Souls

Backgrounds want:

  1. Tropical Ocean 3D LWP
  2. Heatwave – Hot tie-dye icon pack
  3. OneUI Circle Icon Pack – S10
  4. ONE UI DARK Icon Pack : S10
  5. Paper Windmills 3D Pro lwp
  6. Black Cylinder – Icon Pack
  7. Supercons Dark – The Superhero Icon Pack
  9. Iconix – Icon Pack
  10. Oval – Icon Pack

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