25 Android application malicious, you should delete them from your phone immediately


Looking cybercriminals for ways to hunt down users of smart phones running on Android since the price of Bitcoin near $ 20,000 dollars at the end of the 2017 financial, this to be exploited in the mining e-currencies using the computational power of the devices, according to the company security solutions from Sophos , the App Store, Android Google Play distribution point for malicious apps.

Apps Android harmful

Choose these applications of smart phones that are running Android, which leads to the slowing and heating devices, it can also in some cases, permanent damage to the smartphone.

Discovered SophosLabs recently many malicious apps on shop Google Play that hide dynamic JavaScript which presses on the CPU of smart phones, and hide many of these applications under the name anti-virus applications, games, and other.


Apps Android should be deleted

Here are 25 apps serious should to users of smart phones running on Android uninstall them from their smartphone immediately.

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