– 21.5 inches.. why is advisable not to buy computer Apple iMac’s?

Announced the Apple recently released the newest computer, the iMac, the owner of the 21.5 inches, which works with Intel processors from the second generation, however, into unfortunately it seems frustrating for a number of users and experts alike.

The crisis of the iMac

The back of iMac – 21.5 inches, encouraging some of us to buy it, priced at $ 1,300, it seemed the crisis obvious with showing the computer scientists the latest from Apple, the hard drive of an old-fashioned, contained that reduces the efficiency of the operation of a computer iMac last.

Refers specialized to that type of HDD the old fashioned, slower than Storage Media, hard campaign, known as SSD Storage Drives, which are the newest and most advanced, so you become the possibility to disable the job specification computer due to a hard drive, possible.

The advantages and disadvantages of hard disk

Used Apple through the iMac owner 21.5 inch, hard drive working a rotation speed of 5400rpm, a speed slow compared to other speeds available hard drives the other, and specifically at a speed 7200rpm usual.

Look bright spot in relation to the containment of the iMac on this hard drive, is it worth a price less than that of بـSSD Storage, some refer also to the lifespan of the hard disks is longer than other storage media, what probably reveals about the positive decision support computer Apple HDD.

In the case of non-satisfaction of the user about the components of the iMac, he can update the hard drive to become the storage option of Apple’s Fusion Drive is available in front for $ 100, or maybe he can buy a SSD more speed, with an area of 256 GB for $ 200, which opens the folder in that case to buy a iMac the most sophisticated it is the same size, which comes powered by a بـApple Fusion Drive and Intel more speed for $ 1,500.

In the end, of contained to become computer Apple iMac – 21.5 inches, including shielding from a hard disk, old style, is a favorite for a number of users, who don’t care about the fast system and the process computer, as far as their interest in carrying the device lightweight, to here the option of buying the iMac is the most appropriate.

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