2019 — the year of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Sure CEO Binance

Currently, the stock market passes through all the circles of hell, but no one can deny that this year there have been many achievements. There were a lot of developments that encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Company Ripple and Tron Foundation are doing everything possible to their native coins were as accessible to the community. The crypto currency exchange is also tried. According to the founder and CEO of Binance Campana Zhao, all these efforts will bear fruit next year. In 2019, the cryptocurrency reached a truly mass adoption.

Binance has reached gigantic proportions and continues to improve

Writes Ethereumworldnews, Binance is one of the largest kryptomere in the world. It attracts a lot of attention especially because of the effort she applies to the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Zhao said that the company will not stop working on improvement of stock exchanges, introducing new functionality. He also hinted that next year the exchange has already laid up a few trump cards.

2018 for cryptocurrency — briefly

Chanpen Zhao shared his thoughts about the situation on the market during 2018. It is interesting that he is satisfied with the results niches this year. In his opinion, the year 2018 was reserved for something like “training” for sustained climbing. If not protracted bear market, even the giant platforms such as Binance it would be extremely difficult to maintain trading volumes the bulls.

As for the future, despite the more rapid absorption of Europe’s new technology, the first institutional funds will come from the United States.

Today the market is on a slight rise as the top cryptocurrency has jumped in the range from 5 to 10 percent. Capitalization of the stock market is 128 billion dollars. More data look at cryptodata.

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