2018 was the best for Bitcoin. Unexpected the famous investor

Many analysts to determine the state of the basic values of scriptaction look at their price. To them included the former shorter Bitcoin mark DOE. However, a longtime supporter of cryptocurrency, said that despite the current state of the market, 2018 was the”most successful year” for Bitcoin, especially from the point of view of network performance.

On Segwit 40 per cent

A well-known Bitcoin enthusiast, chirapant and technical Director cryptostroma CasaHODL Jameson Lopp has recently said in his Twitter that 2018 was a great year for Segregated Witness. Recall SegWit Protocol that by reformatting the transaction data allows you to fit much more transactions processed in each block.

January cryptarum and peak speculation SegWit the share of transactions increased from 10 to 50 percent. Many attribute the rapid adoption of the Protocol exchanges and platforms that have started to use purses SegWit to reduce operating expenses. At the same time, it provides a lower fee for withdrawal for users around the world.

Due to the growth of the use SegWit the size of each virtual transactions decreased from 750 to 450 bytes, thereby reducing the fee for each transfer BTC. Recall that recently, representatives NewsBTC reported that the bandwidth of the Lightning Network has reached 500 BTC. According to statistics 1ML, node maintaining the log scale, and led by a consortium of developers of Bitcoin Blockstream, it is able to handle up to 496,49 BTC.

An important achievement of Bitcoin in 2018

The adoption SegWit and distribution of Lightning Network is not the only achievement of the main cryptocurrency in 2018.

The core of Bitcoin was updated first to version 0.16.0 to 0.17.0and this is the first that contributed to the widespread adoption SegWit. Blockstream also have done a good job and provided offline users around the world access to the Bitcoin blockchain via satellite. And even despite the recent rebound Hasrat, each year the statistics are growing by 400 per cent, and this directly shows the interest of the miners. Overall, we can conclude that Bitcoin continues to work and develop in spite of devastating market conditions.

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