2012: MacBook Air goes to school

10 Feb 2012 released another MacBook Air, soundless as a vacuum. It was not for everyone. Information about its release, however, reached its target audience, and an online store for educational institutions new it was impossible not to notice. The novelty was very appealing. It was the most modern iconic MacBook Air, especially outwardly, and the amount on the price tag making it even more attractive. They were sold now under the new rules, clear and hard, and all this again was seriously.

One of the first modifications of the principles of business organization Apple made Tim cook. For educational institutions crushed by regulations and brutal control over their financial operations this was the real thing. Steve was in another world, Tim was also a genius in more mundane, but no less important areas.

Much of the Apple was worth to fix it, to make more effective – and on the direction of education over the years of changing the world accumulated problems, it was almost unprofitable, it tried several times to close and kill, but not to the end.

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Apple and education

Apple Computer sold computers to educational institutions from time immemorial. Almost in the primitive world: no gadgets, smart watches and all. In those years, it did not promise any tax benefits, but the company led unclouded by extraneous considerations love. And not just for money – they genuinely wanted to change the world, to teach him new and important – as pupils and students came to this almost perfectly.

Apple II for many Americans was a childhood memory. Something close and almost intimate. And for Apple, this market segment was almost an “inland sea” – where it retains more than worthy of the position even in the worst of times.

In the days of Steve jobs the company was passionate about changing the world, the educational segment in the plans of enormous change, almost no attention was given. From time to time, the segment is remembered. In spite of everything, Mac and educational institutions were popular and even loved.

And for the “no matter what” from the previous paragraph, hiding the almost complete absence of systems and the coordination of actions, and more.

Unfortunately, innovation of this kind is not painted bright colors before skillfully introduced into the desired state by the public, to judge their success possible, alas, only indirectly. In fact, what happened is continued.

It is. In our days except the Apple online store for education institutions, there is also an online store for pupils and students, acting in different countries, and that’s one of the most important areas in business. Reminiscent in the era of world changing direction was almost at a loss.

The essence of change

To increase efficiency it was decided to alter the “educational” Mac and the most successful and popular models. Something like this was done before, from time to time, now it’s one of the rules to be considered when planning.

Educational computers now should have been sold with a more substantial discount, but only parties in several pieces. The love of youth is beautiful, but a joint stock company must earn on everything, what it does.

The demands of the educational computers (many of which are outdated and no longer reflects current realities) have been revised. Those which needed more work, was abolished.

Those who were engaged in this segment were promised stability, they raised the salaries, and from management direction began to demand a sound and coherent strategy.

MacBook Air (Early 2012 13″ Edu) was the first creation of updated educational group.

Educational MacBook Air

It was familiar to lovers of Macs MacBook Air (Mid 2011) with exactly the same 13-inch display (with a diagonal of 13.3 inch 33.8 cm), led backlight resolution 1440h900 pixels, with exactly the same battery (provides 7 hours of battery life “under a moderate load” – and with this excessive Air and would not be able).

The computer did not remove the Bluetooth – each instance of a school MacBook Air support Bluetooth 4.0. And, since it’s Air and not the 50-pound eMac wired, supported Wi-Fi is not worse than their commercial counterparts. The same chip and same antenna (replacing them with something cheaper would have cost more).

Processor. The world has started the era of Ivy Bridge, but as the newly minted leader of education has been redesigned from last year’s MacBook Air (Mid 2011), processor in it was Sandy Bridge. Technology 32 nm HyperThreading, Turbo Boost 2.0, DMI bandwidth in 5 Gigatransfer per second, and other attributes of modern (at the time) processor.

Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge was a “tick” and “as” versions of the same generation Intel processor, and for the needs of the education sector Sandy Bridge was more than enough.

It was a Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz (i5-2467M) with 3 MB cache in the third level. If you are interested in what was the trick (well, could not in the Apple to reduce the price of not taking away something in return), then that’s the first trick: MacBook Air (Mid 2011) this processor was used in a cheap configuration 11-inch model.

And graphics it was almost sad: Intel HD Graphics 3000. Thedave 256 Megabytes (at least) of the very limited size of RAM. But, nevertheless, a connected external monitor supported resolutions up to 2560×1600.

To connect used the Thunderbolt port.

RAM was 2 GB. Options increase in online store. And since the memory is firmly soldered to the motherboard, it was forever. And supplied the school with Air pre-installed Mac OS 10.7.3, requiring (according to its documentation) at least 2 Gigabytes of RAM.

The memory modules were not quite standard DDR3 SDRAM (1 333 MHz), but it was not a serious problem. Worse was different: the next version of the operating system was even more demanding of the memory size, due to which the lifespan of a MacBook Air (Early 2012 13″ Edu) was small. Two to three years maximum. Apparently, this is what was achieved: in two years or three, maximum four, will buy again. And after buying. The one who gets sick Mac AMI gets sick of them forever.

SSD capacity of 64 GB, is also “take what’s there”. But the slot is SDXC, not to remove it. To tell more about its technical data will not. They are the same as the rest of the MacBookAir4,2.

The minimum quantity is 5 pieces, price of 4 995$. For computer classes bought 10-15 pieces. At the same Air “looked like a million”, and its sales for the first time in many years, turned education group in the Department, but still profitable.

To be continued

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