2.7 million users have been victims of the operations of the mining news update during one year

2.7 مليون مستخدم وقعوا ضحايا لعمليات التعدين الخبيث خلال عامٍ واحد

Think cybersquatting is an integral part of the internet, but they differ in their forms and objectives. While doing some operations on the data theft and take advantage of them directly, the new methods appeared on the horizon. with the emergence of digital currencies, as the mission became a choking device other and requests a ransom to return the data, some think Mining the digital currency on other devices to avoid noise problems.

This company has the Kaspersky study between 2016 and 2018 on two periods, according to what was published by the number of users who have been mining operations on their devices during the period of 2016-2017 was 1,889 million users, but this number has increased largely in the period between 2017 to 2018 as the number of victims of mining to 2,735 million users.

Some online hackers who say mining digital currencies the status of malware on gas appliances to the digital currency without their knowledge, which helps them in exploit the capabilities of other devices to enable better and faster, this comes after the reluctance of the pirates from the idea of ransom, which the idea says to penetrate users ‘ computers on and off or steal their data and then make the owners pay a sum of money to take it back, this amount will be transferring money from the cards electronic to currency account number and the difficulty of tracking their level, But this sometimes causes a lot of problems and some even refuse the payment of money which causes the failure of the pirates.

Not only is Mining the digital currency to users of the computers, but that it’s come to smartphones and tablets, that can put malware on these devices through apps, emails, eBook Unknown Source for mining digital currencies using the power of the device that has been hacked without any knowledge of the user.

According to the expert, Kaspersky Anton Ivanov, the high proportion of mining digital currency on gas appliances comes as an alternative to watch the ransom that are accompanied by a lot of hype from the media and governments.

According to the report, the total operations of the ransom demand dropped by 30% in 2016-2017, compared with the 2017 to 2018, where the number fell from 2,581 billion to 1,812 million, while the number of users who were exposed to the operations of mining ebook to 44.5% in the same period of 1,899 million to 2,736 million.

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