1password will alert you when a violation of the passwords in the faith

A new feature in the application to save passwords 1Password iphone

1password Manager password is a program of the role is to create complex passwords and keeping all your accounts with passwords protection for iPhone and iPad , and today offers you a new feature and is alerted about a leak any of the passwords that were saved , which lets users check to see if it has been leaking a password that you already used on the Internet by checking your password of one of the list of half a billion password regularly , you know more on this feature and how you can check the leak and revealed passwords .

Starting today, anyone can program uses 1password take advantage of this water service hunt Hunt, which enables you to check if your passwords exists in its database that contain password-home partnership and funding of control when a violation of any of the saved passwords , and cooperate with such a feature database which has more than 500 million passwords compiled from the violations of the former , you can now check your passwords against this list .

How to check the password area?

Through download software 1Password on the iPhone or iPad and access your account you can check the passwords and verify their integrity and do not violate the online .

The first step : log in to your account on 1Password.

Second step : now click on the open vault to see the password , and then select the item or the password that you wish to examine .

The second step : will show you a series of options, select Check password Check Password

التحقق من كلمات المرور المنتهكة 1password
Verification of passwords the 1password

And he says, says Jeff Shane, President and CEO of AgileBits : I click on the option to check the password so you can check if your password exists in the database password home partnership , and if it is found your password, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your account has been compromised. May be someone else uses the same password. In both cases, we recommend that you change the password for protection . However, the company encouraged immediate action each user receives a confirmation password match with the service of Han .

And is expected in future releases in 1password would be in addition to these water features for surveillance , so you can see your passwords for your product and that you use every day , and this is the feature that enables you to check your passwords absolutely safe and maintain the privacy policy in full and will not add to 1password if there is a possibility of violating the privacy of users .

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