16 photos of the best designs imagine the Knott 9

Eat Galaxy Note 9 leaks a lot since the launch of the Galaxy S9, and in this article we will review the most important leaks with sound deadening:

Come Noto 9 screen slightly larger than the Note 8, The 6.38 or 6.4 inch, with the tip of the top to contain the sensor and the opposite of what is on the page.

Will vary the design too much about the Note 8, but the rear camera will be vertical.

With a low probability to integrate the fingerprint in the screen.

But recent leaks indicate the existence of a horizontal dual camera for finding the area of a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh. Confirm that the footprint will be in the back.

That stimulates the reader insight built-in screen case S10, according to the sources of Korea the early.

This photo was published the leaked Ice Universe info to Note 9 will receive minor changes from the Note 8 from last year.

There is talk of a Dual front camera to improve night photography.

There is also talk of front camera support facial recognition, three-dimensional, as in the iPhone X.

Knowing that the Processor Snapdragon 845 Commons to integrate it in Note 9 supports the recognition of three-dimensional on the face already.

She reviewed some of the pictures to get rid of the form of Note 9 with its different colors.

It was said that it will get new colors.

The irony of Samsung’s ongoing pieces screen for iPhone X, make we know 100% not adopted Note 9 a design that has become popular recently.

Due to be launched bixby 2.0 in conjunction with Note 9.

What we hope really, is to improve natural language bixby and support of more languages and to shorten the reaction time.

Won’t use my Samsung for a separate hearing.

Tweeter may be within the bottom frame.

This goes to Samsung, according to the latest reports intend to officially Note 9 on 9 August, to be up to the markets before the end of the same month.

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