16-inch MacBook Pro: who needs it?

This MacBook Pro, probably never will – but who cares about Apple know him even better than existing models. The screen is “all face” case as the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, and the classic “normal” keyboard instead of bombs with short stroke keys.

The MacBook Pro design hasn’t changed much

I think so many phantoms – products invented outside the company – there was no other company. This is a consequence of their secrecy, love of understatement and incredible stubbornness in error. They are confident that they know what we (customers) really need better than we do. Sometimes the phantoms had caused serious damage to dozens of people. The rumor about a cheaper iPhone with a smaller screen size, which if seen on campus Apple, caused hot approval of the public, and even received confirmation. In the network appeared the photo of the drawing with explanatory text in Chinese characters. Steve has already expressed its opinion on the reduction of the screen – but the document believed immediately. The dimensions of the phantom device and the location of buttons on its body: what else do you need for “tailoring” protective covers? They were charged with huge circulations. Cheap iPhone what was believe almost anything, could not become a bestseller. Unlikely, but this device was dreaming until the next September when mini iPhone never happened.

Other phantoms were less malicious, but there they are almost every year, and in our time, too, remember the iPhone 2 SE. And here is another case. And suddenly MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 16 or 16.5 inches to be a simple leak? If this phantom is created artificially in order to find out the market vision of the perfect MacBook Pro? Or to rekindle interest in the new product? Let’s wait and see. I believe that the output of such a device this year is unlikely.

The contents

16-inch MacBook Pro is leakage or fantasy?

The new MacBook could be so

Dreaming about iPhone SE 2 talks about several different smartphones, some of it needs to be like iPhone X, others iPhone 8. No one represents the set of characteristics desired of the device, common in all dreams, it was only one – would be cheaper. Let SE 2 be from stale old components, that’s enough. The idea of a MacBook Pro with a 16 – or 16.5-inch concrete and realistic. Know about him more than the actual “Apple” laptops: case, size is the same as the current 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. Screen “edge to edge”, without a framework. And instead of another variation on the theme of the keyboard-the butterflies – the good old “scissors.” Cost this MBP needs more than the current 3 thousand dollars and higher, than everything is agreed.

To find out what would potential buyers (and the onlookers who can and would like to buy something similar, but I can’t afford it) Apple could and no tricks. All write and tell YouTube about the Apple in a Glass house track that they know. To bend and to meet the aspirations of the crowd not in their traditions, but the situation in our day is different from that in which these traditions emerged and strengthened. To create for finding out what obviously a “Collider” is meaningless. Nothing new, except for the tender (in words) to accept even higher prices, they do not know. But this knowledge is useless. To put up with the prices and to buy – not the same thing.

Maybe it’s still leaking? Without a doubt, on a new design for professional work in the Apple laptops. They make it long and carefully, spending time on issues about which no one ever even thinks. Even with this approach they make mistakes. From the failures, no one is guaranteed. Take a 15-inch MacBook Pro and stupidly removing the frame around the screen to set a new display – what would a “normal” company, they can’t. It’s not their handwriting, this would contradict the “Apple spirit”, and it would not be too interesting. Each new design should be “highlight”. It is desirable not one, but several. Something that will not leave anyone indifferent. For example, a new type of display. Neither OLED or QLED (developed by Samsung) for various reasons, is not necessary. And interesting variation on the theme of LCD is on the way, in the epic it is already “used” in a 16-inch MacBook Pro – but the production of such LCD will begin no earlier than the second half of 2020, probably later. The display is almost not inferior to OLED or QLED, without burnout, and with unprecedented accuracy.

Source of information about MacBook Pro “go beyond” the known. In early 2019, a well-known analyst from Taiwan’s Ming Chi-Kuo (perhaps “Min”, but in the global web of writing his name that way), issued its latest forecast. About the MacBook Pro. In early February, information about this forecast has become one of the most widely read news, thousands media gladly repeated it. MacBook Pro with no frame and no “butterflies”. It was exactly what was afraid to dream. It seems to me that dear Ming Chi-Kuo made it up – but the effect has exceeded expectations, and Apple could not fail to notice. And sales 15-inch MacBook Pro is not all right. And fantasy, turned into a phantom after some time can become a reality.

MacBook Pro with 16 – or 16.5-inch screen this year

Second, the exacerbation of phantom pain happened in June-August. Before the September event, which updates the MBP seemed inevitable. The events of September began once as “music” iPod, iTunes, iTunes Music Store and the performance of popular musician at the end. iPhone and iPod touch replaced the iPod, there were Apple Music service, the event ceased to be called music – but in the presentation of the new Macs or iPads at these events, Apple does not break down. Neither in the past and in the present. Now the world is experiencing a third relapse. At the October event (which may or may not be) the prophecy of the great Ming Chi-Kuo, finally, must be done.

That it is true, was “signs.” All electronic devices must be certified by regulating bodies – the regulator must make sure that they do not create interference above the statutory limit. In June, Apple filed an application for certification of seven unknown at that time, models of Macs. The source did not see them, but had the opportunity to know the numbers of these new Macs and the results of their test: passed all. A list of affected models: A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182 and A2251. Of course, fans of the Phantom I saw in this list is evidence of the imminent end of his expectations: this is a 16 inch MacBook Pro, he is already close! July 9, 2019 Apple updated its line of 15-inch MacBook Pro, which turned out to be A2159. Some of these rooms must be relevant to the Mac Pro. Or even several of them. At the end of this or beginning of next, Apple may update, for example, Mac mini, MacBook Air (this product really came to a 4-core processor Ice Lake Y) or the 13-inch MacBook Pro (6-core Comet Lake U inside). The accuracy of this list, like, proven. But whether it related to the imminent materialization of the Phantom or not – alas. There’s something from Apple in the hole, all the rest is speculation.

Was “signs” from the opposite, pardon the pun, mark. After the prophecies of the Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple released laptops with the butterfly generation 3.5 changes, which was the point, and judging by the diminished activity of critics reinterpreted tracks, a good. The short course of keys, in the end, can be used. But to spend weeks to replace the keyboard (even if it is paid by Apple itself) is real and totally unacceptable nightmare. The reputation of Apple is not suffering, she quietly and painfully dying in front of us. Targeted changes (protective membrane of a different material and minimal revision of the design of the dome switch) suggests that the problem is localized, global changes are needed, and most importantly: Apple is not going to give up, butterfly is considered the most advanced keyboard in the world, the probability of failure from her in the near future is small.

And instead of a heart flaming engine

15-inch MacBook Pro uses the most powerful mobile chips 9-th generation. Performance for professional laptops perhaps the most important quality. With a creak and flour you can, if nothing else at hand, and work should be carried out immediately, to use for this MacBook Air. Experts tried to mimic the extreme and see what happens. A weapon of last resort. But in normal conditions we need a real and undeniable strength. I may be not quite right, but very expensive MacBook Pro with an extra million pixels of screen space to obsolete the previous generation and has significantly less chances of success. Need something new, preferably fresh and impressive to the audience, facilitating the process of parting with considerable sums.

In February, when there was a prophecy, Intel Core i9 ninth generation, called Intel’s most powerful mobile processors in the world (this was confirmed by test results) has not been used in the MacBook Pro. They predicted the role of the engine for the 16-inch model. In may, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with this processor in their top configuration was published. If Apple is going to release 16-inch MacBook Pro at the end of this year or early next, they have three options, all three of which are “not very”. First, you can use the same Intel Core i9 ninth generation as now. Not a bad option, but the effect of the introduction of new items would be in this case considerably weaker. Second, you can use Intel Core 10th generation in the media this option is offered. But the most powerful chips of the 10th generation or incompatible with laptops in principle (Cascade Lake, with a TDP of 240 Watts), or stupid is not powerful enough and designed for ephemeral weak laptops that thin and light (Comet Lake and Ice Lake). 4-core Intel Core i7 (i7-1068G7) to MacBook Pro (as proposed by a colleague) is an excellent engine from a lawnmower under the hood of a dump truck.

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For example, Intel will soon expand the range of 10-nm processors for laptops. They are still serious problems with the production of such chips, and not the fact that they set themselves some goals besides the obvious: demand for ultra-light ultra-thin laptops is increasing, Athena (the concept of such a laptop or “two-in-one” at the present stage, from a technical and theoretical support to the manufacturers of such hardware from Intel), and some other circumstances promise a good profit in this sector. Chips Ice Lake class “H” or “HK” until the second quarter 2020, most likely, will not. 14-nm processors Comet Lake, with the production of which no problem, not so prestigious.

There is another option, even less likely – but most interesting of all. Taking into account the impenetrability of the veil of secrecy over the microprocessor unit of the Apple guys johnny Srouji may well present an incredible surprise: the chip “Apple” design for laptops. Incidentally, these are the chips already exist in the form of phantoms. They are called Apple Z1, enthusiasts associated with them most sanguine expectations, and Apple is silent. Set of two CPU’s with different architecture inside the computer would allow Apple to move to its own processors slowly and gradually, but it is already up and running. In Apple Macs c T2 processors from Intel and Apple A10 are already working side by side, quite successfully. Should we wait for the combination of Intel Core i9 ninth generation and Apple T3, which compared to Apple T2 could perform an even wider range of tasks?

Something like summary

It would be a miracle if a 16-inch MacBook Pro with a dozen raisins and a rich wow-factors as high-calorie roll of the late 60’s poppy, was born at the end of this month. I really want to happen. But alas, I little hard to believe in it.

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