15 trick basic you must learn it was

Is WhatsApp is the most popular platform for text-messaging in the world, get updates and new periodically, supports a wide assortment of hardware, beside some hidden service, we offer today trick basic recommended learning to enjoy a better experience:

1) The text formatting

Put the word or sentence between two star ( * ), such as *TIC Foy* be bold, and (_) to be in italics, and (~) to interpret the plan, and (“`) to be monospaced and is the format used in the titles to make the width of each character equal with the other.

Another way: you can select text and clicking on the more menu in the top left corner to choose the font format.

2) quote message for you to answer

Click and hold on the message then on the arrow that points left on the list that will appear above to be a quote of the message to respond to them.

3) reduce the consumption of mobile data

Turn off download photos and videos automatically during the data connection, the phone go to Settings > data usage and storage > while you use mobile data to show the list asking about what they WhatsApp download it in this situation.

In order to minimize the consumption of data during a call head to Settings > data usage and storage > use little data to provide consumption data to the phone during calls.

5) know the consumption of data storage

You will find the section my network usage andstorage usage in settings > data usage and storage.

6) delete messages mutual

Head to Settings > data usage and Storage > Storage and click on any friend or group, and then on the button manage messages down, where will give you a window to choose the type of messages to be deleted by either text messages or video messages or audio recordings or moving image or all of them.

5) request for account information

You’ll find the option to request the account information under Settings > account where allowed to request a report up as a ZIP and includes account information without messages, such as photos, personal settings, and the names of the groups, knowing that the report will be available for download after around 3 days for a few weeks after that, as eliminates the demand automatically when you make significant adjustments to the account including changing the number or delete the account.

6) send a record of the conversation to yourself or someone else.

Head to Settings > chat > chat history > transfer the chat where you will upgrade you to a list of agencies that agree with it, by clicking on one of those upgrade you to a window that asks you for embed media (pictures and videos) or transport without media (only text messages WEEE) and where this option affects the size of the file, then will appear the share menu to send the recorded conversation as a file txt to a messaging app or email.

7) two-step verification

In the default mode requires a WhatsApp phone number and then sends a message to confirm them, but you can enhance the security verification steps where it requires you to enter a passcode when you try to register on a new device even if you use the SIM card, to apply this setup guide to Settings > account > two-step verification, where you will be prompted to enter a passcode of 6 digits, then add an e-mail to cancel or change the number if you forgot it since you can always disable two-step verification from your device that you made it.

8) add the reporter to the mains

Directed to any chat and then click on the list of three points > More > Add shortcut.

9) hide the annotation by efficient

Head to Settings > account > privacy then cancel mark (√) in front of the indicators to read the message, so do not know the other end of the conversation that you saw his message, he won’t know he read your message.

10) hide last seen

Loosen up another appearance for you was, go to Settings > account > privacy and then choose no one.

11) share your location direct

You can share your location within a conversation by clicking on the paper clip terms of writing and choose to send your current location, you can also inform the other Party of your move permanent and the option to share your location direct, where is the upgrade you later to choose the duration of the joint between 15 minutes to 8 hours and if you can stop participating at any time from within the conversation.

12) mute notifications for any conversation

Click and hold on the conversation and then the speaker icon above to upgrade your to choose the duration of the implementation of the mute notifications.

13) use WhatsApp on tablet and computer

You can use WhatsApp on tablet despite the lack of app support Tablet PC, you can also use it on the computer in innovative ways.

14) to share files between computer and phone

You can use my account WhatsApp, run the one on the computer and the other on the phone, to facilitate the transfer of files between computer and phone.

15) get the advantages of WhatsApp new

Requires that participation in the pilot program to apply, and for more a new experimental inquiry can suffer from some problems sometimes, the led of the Pilot Program page of the app store Google Play and then drag down to window to join the pilot program.

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