15 best icon packs for Android

Icons are one of the key elements that plays an important role in the setup interface of your smartphone. And even if you are not fond of a modification of the appearance of the operating system, sooner or later most of you anyway want something to update. And only Wallpaper here is not worth it, because you can configure a much larger number of parameters.

Note that in this set there are only collections of icons. Launchersthat will change the face of the system completely today, we will not be considered.

Peppo is already by its very name gives a distinctive style icons. They are made in the form of small slightly mashed pieces of paper. In addition, the Icon pack supports almost every known third-party programs that you can find in Google play.

This pack consists of icons, made in the form of colorful lines with a color gradient. Of course, it looks very stylish. Especially, if you combine them with the appropriate kind of Wallpaper.

Crackify is another interesting package of icons. They all have a rounded shape, but with an atypical style. All of them, as if cracked or broken. Inside the pack you will find a collection of more than 3700 icons and 10 HD Wallpapers.

This set is inspired by the world famous brand Oreo. The badges look like cookies, Oreo on, but with the logo of the relevant applications on top. All icons made in 3D and give the feeling of “three-dimensionality” that is very original.

These icons is not like any other icon pack in Google play, because they are made in a rectangular shape. Each rectangular icon has a shadow that adds a slight 3D effect.

As the name implies — it icons with dark and bright colors that easily blend in with the dark background. Each icon includes the black ring around them that enhances “stealth” effect. Complete hides from you more than 2000 icons.

Pak for devotees of minimalism. A collection of more than 6000 icons and Wallpapers 70 is performed in as concise and clear style. No “whistles”. Only the functionality!

A collection of icons similar to the already mentioned Verticons. But unlike him, the icons here, though done in a right style, have a horizontal orientation, not vertical. Otherwise, decent and beautiful icons, which there are about 3200.

Miss the old icon of Instagram, made in the form of a retro camera? Then Retrorika for you. With this set you can the entire system to “paint” in a retro style.

Another set of round icons. Only in this case they are made in the form of balls for Billiards, or bowling. The icons are well drawn 3D effect. The truth here is the icons themselves compared to the other packs not so much — only 1400.

Funkong a bit different from other icon packs, as it adds its own unique special effects. He has a collection of more than 1000 icons and each of them was designed with its own unique effect. The package also features a collection of high quality Wallpapers that go well with the icons.

LineX offers icons made in the form of thick neon lines. A good way to colorize your desktop.

One of the most interesting representatives in this collection. Antimo has a unique style and color palette, and provides more than 4,200 beautifully drawn (like paints) icons, 40 Wallpapers.

Materialistik is another representative of the conciseness style. The style is clearly inspired by Material design. Very, very good. Yes, and one of the most extensive collections of Wallpaper (130 pieces) as a Supplement.

Simplicon will win a bright colored round icons. If you are looking for a simple icon pack with an attractive design without frills, then this pack is for you. You will get much 5800 icons for their applications.

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