13 years on the launch of “YouTube” … this is the first video to show you

On 23 April 2005, a young man named jawed Karim first video on YouTube Youtube, which was founded by the participation of two of his friends who worked with him in the company of PayPal PayPal.

It was the title of the video “I at the zoo” Me at the zoo, and duration of 18 seconds, and shows where Gaudí and his successor, Villa Park, saying: “Well, we’re in front of the elephants, the interesting thing about these boys they have really zalloum long, this thing is sexy”.

Spreading cream video low quality on YouTube a month before the launch of the site in May 2005, the website has been launched officially in November 2005.

In October 2006, Google announced Google announced the acquisition on YouTube his shares in Google for $ 1.65 billion, the deal has been finalized on November 13 2006, have I got cream on 137,443 shares worth $ 64 million approximately, have been the foundations of the cream investment firm bearing the name of Youniversity Ventures, which invested in companies like Airbnb.

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