13 feature in iOS 12 beats out the iPhone to Android

Apple has announced, during the events of the league Conference for developers WWDC 2018 which concluded recently, released following operating system phones iOS 12 new كلياK also made fun of Google because of the arrival rate to install the latest Android systems oreo 8.0 on the phones to only 8%, while the percentage reached to install the latest Apple systems iOS 11 to 81% on operating devices.

While Google announced previously on the latest versions of the Android system, which carries the name of the Android P until the moment, only the iOS system 12 holds 13 feature opens its latest Android systems, namely:

1 – voice assistant smarter with shortcuts

Developed Apple the assistant voice Siri to let her control the application of non-built-in operating system without having to go to the user himself, the user can also use his voice in several voice commands, and can select one voice command to carry out several things. Which is missing in Assistant Google digital Google Assistant, which the user can use voice commands to run external applications not integrated in the operating system.

2 – vote online

Prevents the Safari browser used by Apple in iOS location tracking to the user via cookies or cookies without his permission, while like Google Chrome is the main browser for the Android system on it.

3 – Memojis

While seeking Android P to apply anymore the user to Animojis, my plan is Apple’s next step with its system iOS 12 towards the next generation which is Memojis.

4 – FaceTime

Apple FaceTime for video chats to be able to the user to connect via video with 32 people at one time, as the program will focus on the person who is talking from among them.

5. Support older phones

Will update iOS 12 to older versions of the iPhone the beginning of the 5S, while not up Android P only for relatively modern.

6 – custom button not the hassle

Although the concentration of both Apple and Google on the digital health in the latest recent operating systems, but iOS system 12 contains a dedicated button to put the Do not disturb Do Not Disturb in Control Center Main, a thing which is not available in the Android system P.

7. application of measurement of the dimensions of the real things

Developed Apple’s application with the name of the Measure in its system iOS 12 works with augmented reality and the user can measure dimensions of objects in reality through the camera.

8 – facial recognition

Allow facial recognition FaceID in the iOS system 12 for the user to register two sides for securing the phone, so that user can register his face for years without them. While not called Android P only register one face.

9. the scanner of QR-ROM

Comes iOS system 12 scanner QR code built into the system, while it will be on Android users P download application of independent external for the same purpose.

10 – augmented reality games

With the iOS system 12, the user can play games augmented reality collective, which opens its Android system P.

11 – additional insurance for accessories that use the USB port

Developed Apple protect USB ports in its in iOS 12 to protect the organs from penetration through the devices connected to those ports.

12. determine the tongue

While the system generates iOS 12 the Memojis, further movement of the tongue to allow the user to add the movements of the tongue to, which opens its Android System P full.

13 – keep track of what he’s doing to your kids on iOS devices other

Apple makes available in iOS system 12 keep track of the activities exercised by the user via the accounts associated with them on iOS devices, allowing parents to track what their children do on their computers when linking their account with the mother or the Father.

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